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    Hi ! As my band have just purchased a shiny new yamaha maestro flugel, we now have a vincent bach strad (around 15 years old) and a Kuhnl and Hoyer (10 years) flugel we wish to sell. Anyone got any ideas on a value please ??
  2. I recently sold my bach strad flugel (which was of a similar age) for £500 but i did want quite a quick sale. I'm sure you could get around £650-700 if it's in very good condition.
    Have a quick search on the net and see if there are any for sale. this might give you a ball park figure
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    I think if you are patient, the Bach Strad could bring easily £700. Older ones are valued and in decent condition hard to find.

    The Kuhnl and Hoyer will be a bit harder. That one, if you can, sell it local (at a concert or pay for a local advert). Playing it will help sell it. If you put in on eBay, since it is not a well known brand, with some really good pictures (good digital camera photos taken outside - I use an old bed sheet for a nice back ground when the grass is dead).

    Good picture REALLY help on eBay. Why not ask for 700 and use the "make an offer" function. You will get idiots who offer £2 for grins. But my experience is you get about 60 to 70% of the price (or more).

    I am babbling a bit. :) I hope this helped some.

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    Ta !
    Both instruments are away being overhauled at the mo but will soon be on e bay.
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