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  1. Catherine81

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    I am looking for a flugel solo that is not too taxing, I was a grade 8 player in my youth, but am probably about grade 6 now. Any suggestions?
  2. brassylass

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    Loads of great Flugel solos around. I'll walk with god, Misty, Alfie, Children of Sanchez..... Depends if its for band accomp or piano. Just music is great for looking at the parts etc... as you can view the PDFs
  3. Catherine81

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    Thanks. I quite fancy Children of Sanchez but cannot find it anywhere. I just want a flugel solo part for my personal practice
  4. Catherine81

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    There's also a flugel solo mentioned on Variations of Laudate Dominium, I think it's called Variations on a Swiss Rhapsody for Flugel. It's a Salvation Army piece.
  5. brassylass

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    I'm not a flugelhorn player so cannot help with parts - sorry. Just know what I have played with bands in the past that are nice to listen to :) Is there a local band you can ask to see if they have a copy?
  6. Mesmerist

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    I used to have a book of Flugel solo excerpts which was useful. Can't remember the title but there was a series of them for all instruments. There are a couple of free websites with some quite nice solos in, just google "Flugel solos" and see what you find. I love the Caccini Ave Maria solo but I don't know if you'll find one now (not the version I had anyway).
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  7. Bruce Chidester

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    We have 100's of solos which would work.

    Check this one out at...

    Trumpet Ensemble Music

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