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  1. BrianT

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    I feel like I ought to know the answer to this, so please excuse my ignorance - will a flugel horn mouthpiece receiver accept a trumpet mouthpiece or a cornet mouthpiece? Or will neither fit? I expect the purists will say that neither type of mp really suits the flugel - I just want to know what type will physically fit.
  2. Andrew Norman

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    There are different size flugel shanks but a trumpet shank will normally fit.
    No comment as to to the desirability of doing it other than I have done it when I have opened up my gig bag to find I've forgotten my flugel mpce...... you can get away with it if you really think FLUGEL hard !!
  3. GordonH

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    There are five fittings:

    1. Large European - very similar to a trumpet mouthpiece receiver (mainly found on rotary valve flugels).
    2. Large Morse - as used by Yamaha, Courtois (recently) and many others. This is the most common size.
    3. Small Morse - as used by Vincent Bach and some others (Blessing and Getzen have used this at times - both now seem to be on large morse).
    4. English - a smaller morse taper almost identical to a cornet (e.g. the old Imperial flugel).
    5. French taper - not a taper at all as it is cylindrical. Used by Couesnon and a few modern high end brands.

    The current Schilke flugel comes with two leadpipes - one for french taper and one for large morse.
    I think B and S make a flugel that has interchangeable pipes for trumpet and large morse receiver.

    Misfitting a mouthpiece of the wrong taper will probably cause intonation and pitch centre problems. You might get away with it, but you might not. A friend tried this recently and found it getting flatter and flatter the further she went up the register. After getting the same mouthpiece int he correct fitting there were no intonation issues.

    Force fitting a morse taper mouthpiece into a french taper leadpipe will distort it so that a french taper one will never fit it properly again.
    I had such a hassle with french taper that I vowed I would never buy another flugel that had that "fitting".
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    Brian, it might go in, but it might not come out, or will wobble around and will probably sound..... well....... at best, rough?