Flugel mouthpieces

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  1. debsjg

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    I need advice, play baritone at the moment but may well move on to flugel,I have a 2bfl mouthpiece, is this the biggest flugel mouthpiece? cos I really need a bucket!! or any advice gratefully received.:-?
  2. Columbo

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    Try the Courtois mouthpieces. Now, I don't like the instrument but the mouthpiece has worked for me. Its good for range and not bad for sound. That said, I don't normally advise, as everyone without exeption is different. The obvious thing is to practise. I find it easier to go up to a bigger instrument than down to a small mouthpiece. I, personally swear by my courtois, rather than a wick. Good Luck!
  3. MrsDoyle

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    I play (when I occasionally play flugel) a 7FL mouthpiece with no maker's name on it... it seems quite large for a flugel mouthpiece.
  4. westoe_horn

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    The 1FL Alliance mouthpiece is bigger than any of the Wick ones. It has a cup diameter of 17.25 rather than 17.00 for the Wick 2.

    Marcinkiewicz do a mouthpiece (3FLS) which has a diameter of 17.93 but it is not the deepest and I don't know how it would fit in a brass band setting.

    It's probably just a case of trying what's best for you.

    Mouthpiece Express is a good website for comparing...... http://www.mouthpieceexpress.com/catalog/index.php
  5. trumpetmike

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    Warburton 1XFL - is bigger than the largest Wick (or Alliance) and deeper than most - a gorgeous flugel sound even with me on the end!
  6. stopher

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    Also, have a look at the comparison thing about tapers on Mouthpieceexpress.com

    When I changed Flugel, my Wick 2BFL that fitted my Yamaha Maestro wouldn't fit my new Flug - needed to get a 4F - the L is for large fitting apparently.

    3 types - American/Yamaha fit (Wick FL range) , French or Couesnon fit (Wick F range) and Bach fit (no idea about Wick equivalent)

    I bought a 4F but found it too small for my chops and a 2F was a monster so had a word with a D& T teacher in work who ground it down on a lathe with some emery cloth.