Flug mouthpiece and exercise advice

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Treb, Aug 30, 2006.

  1. Treb

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    Hi all,

    Need a bit of advice please. I’ve recently moved onto Flug from Tenor horn which I played for ages and need some mouth piece advice. When I was on tenor horn I was using a Denise wicks size 2 mouth piece and got on really well with it – could get high and loud as well as having a good tone. On Flug my range is fine but the tone is terrible at the min (true only started on it a few days ago). The Flug is a Yamaha and im currently using the Shaw mouthpiece.

    Im not so interested in being able to get into the gods as there isn’t that much music with the band that requires this but I do want to develop that really rich tone so any advice on a suitable mouthpiece together with exercises for developing tone would be very helpful.

    Cheers all,
  2. Caz Clay

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    I switched from tenor horn to flugel last year too but i was the opposite to you, tone was ok but range was hard!! but i think thats down to the mouthpiece i had!! i also used a denis wick on my horn so stuck with it onto the flugel!!! i found that a 2 (F or Fl depending on the flugel you have) works an absolute treat for getting tone as it has a really deep cup that just lets you get that mellow flugel sound, which i was looking for!!!

    i tried a shaw mouhpiece and we just didn't get on, but i've learnt recently just how much of a personal thing the mouthpiece is!!! but i can't recommend the wick mouthpieces highly enough, they work beautifully with horns(full stop)

    As for exercises...mmm....firstly i found that my tone just improved with time and giving yourself time to adjust, it took about a month or two til i was starting to really get where i wanted to be!!! to help my tone i did loads of long notes while really listening to the sound i was making and learnt how i needed to adjust my embochure. you heard of the classic golf-ball demonstration!!! thats the key to my sound... good posture and open throat!! all sounds basic but it really works!!!
    good luck with the change!! one day it'll just click and you'll be damn smug!!!;)
  3. Hornblower RN

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    Definitely a DW2FL for your Yamaha.....it will give you a gorgeous sound :clap: I started with a 2F on my Bach Strad nearly 20 years ago....tried many others but always came back to the DW2F.
  4. Treb

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    Cheers all - will get one ordered in T minus four mins (coz thats how long it takes to make a cup of coffee)
  5. Treb

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    Any recommendations for where i can order the DW mouthpiece and get it for a concert this weekend? my usual store cant get it in till next week!

  6. Treb

    Treb New Member

    forget about the above guys - forgot to call band supplies - DOH