Flowers Band Radio 3 Friday 4th July 4.30pm

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  1. Chris Hicks

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    Hi All,

    Just to let everyone know, Flowers Band are performing live on BBC radio 3 this afternoon as part of the Cheltenham Music Festival.

    Information can be found on this link

    The show starts at 4.30, with the band opening the show with Gustav Holst's Mars from the Planets suite.

    If you get the chance to tune in, then I hope you enjoy it.

  2. PeterBale

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  3. 2nd tenor

    2nd tenor Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the details. i-player works and Flowers are the first act on. :clap: enjoy.
  4. RedOctober

    RedOctober New Member

    Thanks for posting the link Chris, I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Flowers. The band sound great. I must say though, I was somewhat disappointed by David Childs playing on the broadcast, he sounded much weaker than usual. A pity, but maybe he wasn't feeling well.
  5. zzzzzzz

  6. Funny how hes in Canada with the Rwcmd!
  7. RedOctober

    RedOctober New Member

    Oh is that so Ceri? I had no idea! That would explain the rather large drop in quality that I heard. I wonder who it was? Seems bad to miss such an important engagement like that, still I suppose that was always going to be the risk with appointing David to that seat.
  8. Chris Hicks

    Chris Hicks Member

    David wasn't the only person missing because of the trip, 4 members in total are involved with the RWCMD, but that's what happens sometimes. I know we weren't the only band over the weekend to be missing players because of the Nova Scotia trip.
  9. Chris, I wouldn't dignify his latest attack on David and the band with anything other than the contempt it deserves.
  10. RedOctober

    RedOctober New Member

    An 'attack?' That's quite a strong word. It's not an attack at all, merely an observation. Infact I even begun by thanking Chris for the video upload. But attack.... Really? Listen to the broadcast yourself, the euph playing is no where near the quality you'd expect from Mr Childs, infact if anything it sounds rather average. This has now been cleared up by both Ceri and Chris and it is now apparent that the band used a lesser player in place of Mr Childs. I was merely commenting on the drop in quality as it was rather noticeable, I'm sure I was not the only one to notice this.
  11. Tubawolves

    Tubawolves Member

    RO, RO, RO
    Tut tut, your at it again, however you have brightened up my day, Thank you :D
    This is silly season, as a bands person you obviously know this! However informed you believe you are about some issues in the banding movement you most definitely are not up to speed (nor it appears have you ever been) with events in the Flowers band room. So, again for the record (as I would hate you miss another night's sleep under the illusion DC has lost his magic) let me inform you.
    I have gone on record as saying Flowers band are probably the friendliest, most loyal band I have had the pleasure of being with. We get on with each other and try where possible to help out any bands (as individuals and as a band). This happens in return in spades. It is fair to say despite having the year of our dreams every player has their feet firmly rooted to the floor. We know we have done nothing yet in terms of top level banding. We have merely won the right to eat at the top table.
    Our modest success over the last few years has resulted in certain high profile invites. One such invite was to play live on radio 3's drive time show starting at 5.00pm. As band's playing live on Radio is now almost unheard of Flowers accepted the invitation for it's own profile and that of the brass movement. It did so despite knowing in advance we would be without a number of key players. It wasn't just the Princ Euph, we were Princ Baritone, Flugal Horn, 3rd and 4th solo cornets, Rep Cornet, 2nd cornet, bass Trombone, EEb Bass, BBb bass (on his way back from Madeira) down as well. In all 11 deps took the stage and it is right particular thanks should go to the Tredegar players, Iestyn Davies, Simon Gresswell and Alex James (anyone else I have left off sorry but I was on my way back from hols). The band also had to be seated by 4.00pm, no exceptions.
    With the best will in the world Flowers with 11 deps (and excellent deps at that) are going to sound different from Flowers with all its own players. Deps do a great job but most are amateurs and are sight reading music, add to this a highly pressured live broadcast on prime time radio and a different MD and it is unlikely to be full blooded. I thought given the circumstances everyone did a great job and huge respect to every one who made it.
    So DC and a good many RWCMD students are flying the banding flag in Canada with life continuing as normal this side of the pond, well almost. Interestingly, Flowers appeared at Cheltenham Town hall last night as part of the Cheltenham music festival playing to a full house with other fantastic artists including the Bach Choir. We had the help yet again of Tredegar players (thanks again guys) and a number of other deps. We are very grateful to these superb musicians without whom we would not have been able to perform. RO you will be relieved to know DC was still in Canada ;)
    Keep your submarine dry ;-)
  12. RedOctober

    RedOctober New Member

    TubaWolves, I'm not too sure why exactly you've got involved here. Most of what you have posted is completely irrelevant and actually quite a bore to read. We have already established that I was not up to speed and that you had a different player in David Childs seat. I'm not sure why you've got yourself so worked up over what I said about the drop in quality. If anything you should be pleased! I've said that the dep wasn't as good as your normal player! I'm sure in any other band, you'd be quite chuffed with that, regardless of wether that player is a celebrity or not - you have the better player and that player is missed and leaves a noticeable gap!
    At the end of the day, when you have a player of the calibre of Mr Childs, it's going to be massively noticeable if that player misses an engagement. In this case it's a radio broadcast, so I wasn't able to see. The same thing could happen at a contest too with an adjudicator, unless it's open adjudication of course.

    I'm also amazed you had 11 gaps. I suppose as you say you've done nothing yet in terms of top level banding. However the elite at that 'table' probably wouldn't tolerate that many absences at a high level event. Imagine that situation at Dyke, Cory or B&R for example if they were in your boat.

    Yes I am relieved that DC is in Canada and wasn't with the band, but you're a bit slow. This was already cleared up by both Ceri and Chris.
  13. Past it

    Past it New Member

    DC is so superb any replacement will likely come up short. However the dep we had was of the highest quality and played superbly on both the broadcast and concert this sunday. Having played at a high level for many years I am qualified to say that the dep was in no way "average" - he is a top player and a top bloke too. You're more than welcome to your opinion of course RO but I would also add the quality of recording was not great and this may have also affected the end product. And yes we had 11 deps but given the Canada trip, the need to get time off work to be there for early afternoon on a Friday, and a band where there are a lot of people who a) travel distance and b) have demanding jobs (including teachers and the like), this would not be an unusual situation for any band even the top boys. Bottom line, thanks to those deps and the Flowers players we were able to represent brass bands to an audience that sadly doesn't get to hear brass bands live on the radio very often these days. Better we discussed that.
  14. Tubawolves

    Tubawolves Member

    I got involved because you amuse me and your rather immature but very entertaining views make me smile. You also seem to have a fixation with DC, do you fancy him by any chance? You take opportunities to stir the pot and in a small way I have attempted to use humour to tone down your very immature and often insulting posts. Clearly as bright as you appear in some areas your people skills need serious work.

    What doesn't make me smile is your arrogance particularly your opinions about players you are not fit to lace the boots of (this is an assumption as we don't know who you are, other than James as you often point out - I am personally not convinced this part is true either). As you very often say about your own posts if it such a bore don't read them, simple as.

    However what is clear is you do not and have never played for the so called top bands. These bands are very busy and often call on deps because the calendar is so full of engagements. At times a third of the band can be deps, that's the way it is. The strain on players home lives at top level banding requires serious management. The player you had a dig at (as has already been pointed out) is a top class player playing for a band who have a record the envy of any band in the country. If he sat on your end Euph chair you would salivate.

    Whilst your posts have added much needed interest on the mouthpiece don't over do it RO. Being a smart **** is one thing but being rude is another.

    Just to make sure we are being transparent here:

    Craig Williams
    BBb Bass
    Flowers Band
  15. RedOctober

    RedOctober New Member

    Craig, I am pretty sure if you played for one of the elite bands and you missed an important engagement like a live radio broadcast on radio three, you might well be on thin ice. I suppose your problem in enforcing that rule would be that your band would be decimated if it lost 11 players. You'd end up like BTM, hmmm.... How funny, with the exception of DC and yourself that would be mostly rwcmd students! How funny

    No I don't fancy DC at all, even if I did, I doubt he could perform so well.. But he is your best player and the best euphonium player in the world. I'm sure many other brass players have a fixation with him. I'm uncertain as to why you think I have a fixation with him though.

    Very good on quoting me, but you've not really thought that one through. The people I suggested that too had joined in on previous discussions to have a pop at me. The difference here is that you had effectively written to me and I was replying. To ignore would be rude and I'm not rude ; )

    Just for the record, I don't stir the pot. I ask questions and raise points others won't out of fear. This is a discussion sure after all. Whenever we perform, we immediately open ourselves up to criticism. You don't like it? I'd suggest you find a new hobby then.

    So, just who was this 'top class player' I criticised then? I don't believe what you are saying about him. This player sounded very average, no sound at all!

    James aka Red October
    South West
  16. RedOctober

    RedOctober New Member

    The quality of the recording was not great... It was the BBC for goodness sake! I don't think that's an excuse. There was a lesser player in place of DC. Simple.
  17. Rob

    Rob Member

    The quality of the recording wasn't great, balance was all over the shop (not the band's fault!).
  18. RedOctober

    RedOctober New Member

    That may be so, but poor playing is still poor playing. It was considerably weaker than normal, including that Euph dep. He/She needs to go back to the practice room for a little bit me thinks ;)
  19. jonny1note

    jonny1note Member

    Perhaps the Euph dep should be contacting you for lessons.
  20. 2nd tenor

    2nd tenor Well-Known Member

    I for one am very much looking forward to Red October giving us his contact details. There's no doubt about it, there will be a long line of players waiting to talk to him about their skills :D .... and a coach will probably be put on from Cardiff :D.

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