Flowers Back In Business.

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  1. weenie

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    Following the end of its sponsorship with PolySteel UK on 31 August, the PolySteel Band is reverting back to the name of Flowers.
    Whilst it will not have a connection with the famous brewery, the band has agreed terms under a licence which will allow it to use the name that made it famous.

    Lee Downie of the band revealed: "The band is very proud of its history and particularly the Flowers name. We have been fortunate to secure a brand license from the owner of the Flowers Brand, Inbev UK, to enable us to use the name and also the world famous logo."

    Flowers’ first official appearance in its new guise will be at the British Open, where it will be conducted by David Hirst.

    Lee further commented: "The British Open provides the band with a platform on which to re-launch the Flowers name and at the moment due to the name, conductor and leadership changes, the band has a renewed energy which we hope we can use to our advantage and get a good placing at the ‘Open’ to secure our future in the competition."

    The new name has meant a complete re-branding for the band with new uniforms and a new website at
  2. Kiz7

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    the website doesn't work Weenie.
  3. sop 1

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    no it doesnt :(
  4. Vickitorious

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    My Daddy does the website, and since we've only just swapped over, he's still working on it. I'm sure there'll be a quality one online soon :)

    Patience ;)
  5. sop 1

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    cheers vic! see u 2mo! :)
  6. dyl

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    Seems a bit odd to me, putting the address of the new website in a Press Release for all to see, when the website isn't ready yet.
  7. Vickitorious

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    Oh its you!!! haha!!

    Sorry Dyl!! Polysteel website is still up and running with the latest news!

    Maybe Weenies post should be edited to say "The new website will shortly be...."
  8. sop 1

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    ha ha nice one vic! ;)
  9. Kiz7

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    And perhaps the press release on 4barsrest too!
  10. Vickitorious

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    It has been mentioned to a member of the band, and it should be sorted soon.. or should have :rolleyes: haha
  11. towse1972

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    I've never heard anyone call themselves a "principal horn" before. Is good old fashioned solo horn out of fashion now?
  12. the fish

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    Nice to see the "old name back"

    Best wishes to you all for the weekend and ongoing.
  13. Vickitorious

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    I do apologise for any inconvenience my signature has caused you.
  14. Kiz7

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    Good luck this weekend at the Open!
  15. Vickitorious

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    Thankyou very much :)
  16. Cantonian

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    Why not Principal? We have principal cornet, trombone etc. although for contesting purposes there are only three horns, some bands (particularly Salvation Army) have more than three horns often two on solo so principal horn imho is fine!
  17. towse1972

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    No inconvenience. Just an observation. No need to be defensive.