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  1. Hi
    The band are thinking about getting a set of fleece coats embroided with our logo, to smarten up the team image when arriving at gigs. Obviously a goole search finds lots of suppliers but has anyone got personal recommendations that their band has used?
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    Ringwood and Burley band recently had some ties supplied and embroidered by a company based in Eastleigh, Hampshire who can be found at www.skoolkit.co.uk Their service was excellent, and prices were reasonable too! Hope this helps, good luck!
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    try www.xamax.co.uk :) excellent service and very competitive prices on top brands.
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    I can vouch for xamax had plenty of polo shirts from them in the past. All good quality and with a min order of 24 free embroidery
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    Yes my wife has her own business and we have used Wovina for years, they are based in Bodmin Cornwall, they have a huge catalogue to choose from and have NO min order which is ideal if and when new members join the band. We have used them for several projects and different groups we are involved in - email tonywovina@aol.com he will sort you out no problem.
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    Ireland Colliery Chesterfield get all their Fleeces, T Shirts, Woolly Hats even stand Banners Etc from Chesterfield Embroidery


    Also Deepcar Bras band have also used these people give them a call and say that Ian Knapton from Ireland Colliery has put their name forward they are very good value
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    I use Royale Leisurewear of Belper. http://www.royaleleisurewear.co.uk . Single charge to set up logo then any item can be embroidered. Kevin And Dorothy provide very good service and quick turnaround on any size order from 1 to ???
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    I would go to Dave Ashworth at FanFare North. Quality and price are outstanding. Verwood B ordered their uniforms from him and my wife has just taken shower proof reversible fleeces all embroidered.
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    I can throroughly recommend Scotshirts in Edinburgh. They go the Extra mile with Customer Service and aftercare. www.scotshirts.com

    PM me if you want any more info on them.

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