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    Hi Folks - can you help please. Just looking at renting a furnished flat in Glasgow for daughter. She has found one and I see in the contract that none of the electrical appliances have been checked, PAT tested or anything. In fact it says on the paperwork that the leeting agency are not responsible for the electric stuff OR the safety of them.
    IS THIS LEGAL. Can they do this. I thought if they were providing toaster, fridge, hoover etc they had to test them .
    Does anyone kno
    Many thanks
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    The situation does seem rather vague, as in this statement I came across:

    It seems to imply that, although the landlord is responsible for safety, they are exempt from the testing regulations as they would apply in the workplace.
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    AFAIK there is no legal obligation to PAT test, as there would be in a workplace. Some university accomodation offices may impose this before they list a property, though. I have to say that PAT testing on toasters and the like is largely a matter of common sense - I'd want to open plugs and check the wiring/fuse, and check the cable for splits/breaks. Unless you've got a tester and the knowhow, you can't do an earth bond test, but do you do that on appliances in your own home?

    The landlord IS legally liable for the safety of gas appliances - fires and CH boilers have to be serviced annually (I think) and the results documented. If this documentation isn't available, I'd walk away.
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    This site, here, explains what the landlord is liable for under Scots Law.