Fixed braces & flugel horn

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by Tahoma, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. Tahoma

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    My daughter is 12 and wants to have fixed braces fitted. She plays flugel horn and may have braces in about 6 months. She has to have 4 teeth out, but has to wait until they grow through. Does anyone have any experience in playing flugel with braces. We have had some folks trying to put her off, but I feel she has plenty time to adjust. She is to have the braces for 2 years then a retainer, not sure how long for. The final decision is my daughters as it's her mouth and playing. Grateful for any feedback. Thanks.
  2. mikelyons

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    Make sure you get your dentist to give you loads of dental wax to put over the top of the braces when she's playing. It saves an awful lot of cut lips. Your dentist should give it to you free.
  3. leisa

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    i used to wear a brace whilst playing tenor horn and briefly cornet as well and although it took some adjusting to it didnt really affect my playing at all, i do however still have a retainer attached to the back of my top teeth which does affect my tonguing quite a bit and (apparently) gives me a slight, but not obvious lisp (according to mr mccan, not that anyone else has noticed) but i know not everyone has one of the retainers although it hasnt really given me any problems

    i would follow mr lyons advice about the wax tyhough, i didnt know there was any such stuff and it was quite painful sometimes!
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    When I saw the title of this thread, I remembered our euphonium player from last nights concert. Because it was so warm we played the second half without jackets, just white shirts and bow tie (with of course black trousers) There was our lad complete with white braces over his shirt.:D
    He still looked quite smart though.
  5. Seaweed

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    I played with my braces on, it was painful at first but so was the brace. Just make sure you put tons of wax on, it saved alot of pain. My brother on the other hand gave up playing as he found the pain too much (even with wax on), and has never played since.
  6. Flutey

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    Yeah I agree with what everyone has said about the wax. In fact, I have a couple of cases of wax that she can have if you want them- I don't need them any more and have barely used it, it's all clean and everything lol.