First Great Western concerts on April 1st.....

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    who else did them? if so, how did your band go about getting the concert fee? the pr company doesn't seem to want to reply, and great western dont seem to know too much about it. I know what your'e thinking (APRIL FOOL!!!) but from my knowledge several other bands did them, and the train station seemed to think it was authentic.

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    We (Sandhurst Silver) did a Great Western show at Reading Station. It was great fun, if a little cramped. I've not heard of any problem with getting paid - the station manager was very helpful and happy with the performance, as were the travelling public, and it seemed perfectly genuine to me. I was thinking, this was a really enjoyable do, and maybe we should suggest something similar in the future.
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    I dont think we have tried the station manager yet, never saw him at the event

    it was a nice concert for us as well, we were crammed in between a bike rail and several vending machines, with our bass section sat around a corner out of view of the audience :D but it was a great and unique way to start the season. Maybe train-stations would be good places for regular concerts, especially the busy ones - the collections would be brilliant