First Female Players

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  1. The first female with Foden's Motor Works Band was Rachel Goddard. She joined in 1981.
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    Mary Simm ( cornet ) was with Ferodo in the 1950s when Keith Caldwell was Principal..
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    The other half was principle Cornet for Hanwell in the mid seventies playing at the Albert Hall with them in 1976
    She also had a letter from Cory and she wouldn't have to travel on the Band Coach etc.
    She played Principle Cornet with Regent Brass at the Albert Hall in 2013 and she's making an Odyssey to Stevenage this year
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    In 1970, sisters Grace Barnet (solo euph) and Betty Rowe (solo horn) played for Lees and Glodwick band and Susan ? (now Landon) was on trombone as I recollect. Female soloists were quite rare then, but there was also Anne Dorman who was principal cornet for the British Aerospace Chadderton band for over 30 years! Betty Rowe died some years ago but Anne and Grace still play. Grace, at close to 90, still did marching jobs from a wheelchair until a handful of years ago!

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