First EVER Varsity Concert!

Discussion in 'The Auditorium - Concert Details' started by Soppy, Feb 11, 2007.

  1. Soppy

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    Saturday 17th Feb will be the date of the first ever varsity concert with the Cambridge and Oxford University Brass Bands.

    In standard joint concert format, each band is going to do one half of music followed by some joint pieces at the end. It should be a good show as both bands have been gearing up to this all term.

    It's being held in Cambridge in Emmanuel URC on Trumpington Street, starting at 7:30pm. Tickets are £5/4.

    Hopefully some of you from the area will be able to come along.

  2. Smarties

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    I don't think its technically the first Varsity concert as Leeds and Durham have done one for several years now, and were joined by Warwick last year.

    We've got a joint concert, hosted by Warwick this year, on the same day (unfortunately otherwise we might have been able to organise groups to support each other's concerts!) so if anyone's in the Midlands come to All Saints Parish Church, Leamington Spa at 7:30pm for the Brass band festival with Leeds, Durham and Warwick University Brass bands.
  3. simonbassbone

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    Whats on the programme for the 17th?? Might come and have a listen.:biggrin:
  4. Soppy

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    Well, it's the first ever Cambridge/Oxford varsity then :) In my defence, I thought varsity was a term just to do with Oxford and Cambrdige stuff!

    Program: not sure, because we've been working on lots of stuff for various concerts and tour we have coming up, so I'm not sure what's going into the concert. I think we're playing Music for a Festival by Sparke, and OUBB are apparently playing Galeforce. A march - Punchenello (sp?), some slow stuff ('David of the White Rock', 'Shepherd's song'), and 'Music', and possibly Toccata in D Minor. A Bass trom solo and a cornet solo. And maybe some more stuff from us. Not sure what joint pieces are - querey Floral Dance!
  5. m.f.cooper

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    Varsity has been used by other Uni's for years! ;)

    Warwick and Coventry use it for any competitions between them; A rivalry built up from both being based in the City of Coventry.

    Well, good luck to Oxford and Cambridge tonight. Maybe next year we can all do one together! A massed band made up from 5 uni's :D