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    can anyone supply the name of a dealer or publisher who carries any cd's of first brass featuring derek watkins as part of a fantastic quintet. i first heard of this group some years ago but have been unable to trace any recordings. free beer for any help.
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    If its the cd called "First Brass", recorded by; Derek Watkins, Allan Botschinsky, Bart Van Lier and Erik Van Lier.

    Its published by
    M.A Music international in Germany

    The number on the CD is:
    NU 1583

    Hope this helps.


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    Be afraid, be very afraid!

    First Brass is a monster CD with some truly outrageous playing on it.
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    I agree with trumpetmike ... one of the greatest brass cds ever recorded. Some of the best sleevenotes I've read as well! Also check out Allan Botschinsky's album with Niels Henning ├śrsted-Pederson (acoustic bass) called 'Duologue' (1987).

    My favourite quotes from the sleevenotes (also supplied on link above) ... Allan Botchinsky being interviewed, BTW!

    "Another thing that is so impressive about this recording is the intonation. I don't know of any recording of any brass music where the intonation is so perfect.
    That's something you should write on the record cover.

    But it's true. How, when you're recording, using the overdub method, playing 16 parts separately, do you stay so incredibly in tune?
    There's only one answer... don't tune up.

    You never tune the instruments?
    No, just open your ears and play what you hear.

    So you all have perfect pitch?
    No, just perfect intonation.

    I guess you could say that the four players on this album are in tune in the soul.
    Each one of us is actually very different, even in intonation, but the sign of a good player is his ability to play together with other good musicians."
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    thanks very much for all the replies. i'll chase it up a.s.p.
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    And since I was the first to answer you; all you have to do is to show up at Dobcross band pub next friday and buy me some beers. :)

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    next time i'm there you're on. cheers.