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    Does anyone out there know where i might be able to find a recording of Elgar Howarth's 'Firework's? Any help here would be great :)
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    I have an old vinyl LP entitled "Fireworks and Sparklers" by wingates circa 1975/6 - Wingates won the open in 1975 on Fireworks with Dick Evans conducting - great performance late on in the Kings Hall (terrific cornet and sop playing) - remember it well...

    I believe Stocksbridge recorded it under Kevin Bolton around 1994 but I'm unaware of any others

    This has just given me a thought - isnt it time Fireworks was chosen again as a test? - what about the area? - it would certainly test soloists

    John Roberts
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    2 other recordings exist for this work, and both are conducted by the composer. The first is the classic 1977 Decca LP by Grimethorpe... 'Grimethorpe Special' (HEAD 14) with which the performance includes narration by Valerie Solti and the band size is doubled with Besses o' th' Barn Band in the Fugue. The other is Eikanger-Bjørsvik Musikklag on the CD titled 'Fireworks' (1999; DOY CD088).
    The Stocksbridge recording, for those interested, has Richard Marshall playing principal prior to his Grimethorpe days.
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    Thank you both :D
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    "Fireworks" was also recorded on the lp(s?) of the National Finals/Europeans in 1982.
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    What intrigues me is that I distinctly recall reading Howarth saying that the piece was originally a lot longer. It would be fascinating to hear the unedited version. I wonder if it's sitting gathering dust in the Grimethorpe band library? I do hope it hasn't gone the same way as the short piece written for them by Benedict Mason - as we discovered at this year's RNCM festival, when the librarian went to look for it, it had disappeared!
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