Firestarter publisher?

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by hobgoblin, Nov 30, 2014.

  1. hobgoblin

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    Does anyone know who publishes an arrangement for band of Firestarter Howlett/Flint which I think may have been arranged by either Derek Broadbent or Daroll Barry? I'm pretty sure this was recorded on an Obrasso cd by either YBS or Fodens quite a few years ago, but I may be mistaken as there is nothing in either the Obrasso cd or music catalogue. I'm not after a loan or 'copies' just enough info for my band to buy it.
  2. MosleyMF

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    "firestarter" wow....... It doesn't strike me as the usual Band material but respect to anyone who did think outside the usual Band box. Are you sure it's the traditional arrangers you mentioned and not someone more familiar with the dance music scene like the wonderful and understated Simon Dobson?
  3. hobgoblin

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    It's probably a bit low-brow for the wonderful understated Simon Dobson, and I doubt he was born when the arrangement was done. I've had a pm suggesting it was P Harper so might email him.
  4. trumpetmike

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    If you find out for certain, is there any chance you can share the information?
  5. hobgoblin

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    No joy I'm afraid, although it would seem there may be an arrangement of Serial Thrilla/Smack my bitch up floating around on manuscript. Can't (as yet) find anything officially published though.