Fire Certificate and Fire Regulation changes

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    For bands that own thier own banfd rooms or rent them and are responsible for the property a quick reminder that the fire regulation Rulkes for properties changes shortly and if theren was a fire certificate in force then the rules now make the occupieer responsible for all the facets covered under the old regulations.
    I a believe that this is going to be a mindfield fore lots of businesses and along with other small buildings where the new entertainmentsd lisence regulations apply also.
    the local building inspectors can give advice along with the fire prevention officersd but it is up to the individual groups/occupiers to ensure that all Risk assessments and remedial actions are completed there no doubt will be a rsash of inspections and enforcement notices issued resulting in fines and a lot of building works.

    Basicle do a fire risk assessment log it action anything that it highlights and keep reviewing it with changes in circumstances
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    Theres a link here to explain what needs to be done

    What a pity that you have to pay to get a copy of the guidlines - if the Government think this is so important you would have thought that it would be available on line.

    I'll take that back they are on-line here

    although it is 145 pages long - a little light reading there then.
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