Fined for not paying nothing?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by Bryan_sop, Apr 13, 2011.

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    Anyone else been in this situation?

    I got a train from my village, waterbeach today to nearby Ely, to teach a promising young lad on cornet. After finishing I got back on the train but got off 1 stop later, at Cambridge. A journey that costs exactly the same (waterbeach - Ely return = £4.00, Cambridge - Ely Return = £4.00)

    I've done this, and I know of loads of others that have done the same on numerous occasions. We're not getting away with not paying anything. Usually, you show the attendant your ticket and they let you through

    Today, I was fined £20 for not paying nothing. I paid the minimum of £2.50 but I've already written my letter to the IFPAS and intend to let them prosecute me. What court is going to see a case where the amount in dispute is nothing?

    Anyone else had to deal with these kind of nazis?
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    Petty I agree totally, but the the fare is technically 2 singles one fare to one place, 1 fare to another even. That is there argument