Finals Pieces Announced

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    Finals pieces are out
    What do people think

    Terra Australis
    By Martin Ellerby
    Published by Studio Music Ltd.
    Written in 2005, the work was commissioned by the Yorkshire Building Society Band for its tour of Australia the same year.
    Its world première was in Sydney Opera House and its first performance in the UK was given by the YBS Band, under Professor King, at the RNCM Festival of Brass in 2006.
    A descriptive work in one continuous movement, Terra Australis portrays the discovery of Australia, the wonders of the land, the promise of new life and the nation’s anthem, closing with a massive grand chorale and an energetic conclusion. Written as both a concert and contest work, it should prove popular with performers and audiences.
    For the purposes of the 2010 National ‘Final’, the Music Panel asks bands to note that the cadenza section between rehearsal letters ‘T’ and ‘U’, will be played as per the composer’s instruction on the score.

    Diversions on a Bass Theme
    By George Lloyd
    Published by R. Smith & Co.
    This is the second by work by George Lloyd in the 2010 Championship series – his work, English Heritage, was set as the top section test in the recent 2010 ‘regional’ qualifying contests for the ‘Nationals’.
    Diversions on a Bass Themewas last set in the Regional Championships of 1987 and was originally commissioned by the brewer, Bass North Ltd., for the 1986 Mineworkers’ National Brass Band contest.

    Of this technical yet lyrical work, the composer explains: ‘Traditionally, variations are when a given tune is treated in a variety of ways. In this work, the pattern is made the other way round in that a number of tunes grow out of the opening bar and which provide the motif for the whole work.’

    Psalms and Alleluias
    By Philip Wilby
    Published by Kirklees Music

    One of Professor Wilby’s most recent works, Psalms and Alleluias was commissioned in 2008 for the National Children’s Band of Great Britain and also selected as the Section 2 test-piece for the 16th World Music Contest in Kerkrade of 2009. It contains two contrasting musical styles; the lyrical psalm melody, with its big sounds and broad phrasing, contrasting with the energetic and busy breathless alleluia.

    Willow Pattern
    By Philip Harper
    Published by Harper Music
    A new work from the pen of the prolific Philip Harper tells the story of the willow pattern legend, made famous in the West, of course, by becoming one of the most used illustrations on chinaware.
    The music leads through the famous love story depicted on the chinaware and is full of emotion, sadness and ecstasy, the main characters being depicted musically by the flugel horn, the euphonium, Eb Bass and trombone. The story and the work climax in the eternal happiness of the lovers’ transformation into two turtledoves soaring above the earth.
    The work was first performed at the Black Dyke Festival in May last year.

    A Royal Mile Suite
    By Alan Fernie
    Published by Kirklees Music
    Never previously used as a National Championship test-piece, the work is descriptive and cast in four entertaining movements, each portraying different characteristics of Edinburgh.
    A test for the full band, demanding as it does technique from every player, it will provide what the Music Panel’s Secretary, Alan Hope, describes as “an excellent test of lyricism and rhythmical playing, including the typical rhythms of Scottish dances.”
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    wow thats a tough test for the 3rd section!
  4. its a good choice for the 4th section! great piece, ours sounds a good one but never played it or herd it Diversions on a Bass Theme. good choices this year:clap::clap:
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    You're going to be a busy boy....
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    Wooooo Hooooooo !!!! One of my favourite pieces for our Section !!!!! Can't wait to hear what "Uncle Derek" on Eb has to say tho!?!
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    The third section piece is a cracker, sounds quite tough though.
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    Looking forward to having a play through Psalms and Alleluias...sounds like there's plenty to get stuck into
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    Does anybody have an MP3 of A Royal Mile Suite, or know where i can obtain one, or a disc, or anything , it would be much appreciated. Al
  10. i take it from that coment we'll have something to play, yey at last!

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    Diversion on a bass theme, very hard test for the first section bands who've made the finals, can remember the very first time I heard the piece, it was a live recording of Dyke playing it, needless to say it was faultless as you'd expect.

    Royal Mile Suite, I can remember back in the mist of time playing that at Blackpool for the CISWO contest and I seem to think we were in the second section then so a real test for the fourth section, especially Jenny Ha's Reel!
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    Yep. GREAT piece full stop, but especially good for basses. Nimbleness required!
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    Good choices. Diversions is a mega piece.
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    Bournemouth recorded it on a CD here.

    ... and Limburg here
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    Anybody played the 2nd section piece yet, or heard it?

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    Many thanks.
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    You are going to thoroughly enjoy rehearsing and performing such a fine piece.
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    Wow, I was really surprised to see willow pattern appear so low down!
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