Finalists announced for OBAF composition contest

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    The Ohio Brass Arts Festival composition contest (sponsored by Jagrin’s Music Publications) has narrowed down it’s list of entrants to three finalists which will be performed on Friday, March 13th at the Ohio Brass Arts Festival at Weigel Hall on the campus of The Ohio State University.

    Entries were submitted from various locations in North America to a variety of countries in Europe. Due to the large number, and high quality of entrants, a semi-finalist stage was added to be sure to get a solid consensus on the top three pieces. “We think that overall the standard has been much higher than last year” Jagrins Music Publications.

    Below are the results thus far (in alphabetical order). The top three pieces will be published by Jagrins with the winner receiving a $300 cash prize. The winning piece will be announced at the performance on March 13th.

    American Landscape (B Tubb)
    Talk about Sufferin’ Here Bellow (M Tousignant)
    She Moved Through the Fair (JE Patrick)

    Elegy (GA Boag)
    Homage (K Terret)
    My Dwelling Place (JR Pittock)

    Honorable Mention
    Hymnus - Sol ecce lentus occidens (O Sarek)
    Sunshine and Slumbers (W Elsom)

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    As a side note, it's nice to see a few tMPers on the list
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    Way to go guys!