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  1. scraig

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    Good afternoon All

    Just a heads up that the Fife Charities annual contest will take place in theAdam Smith Theatre, in Kirkcaldy on Sat 27th Sept, as per the last few yearsentries will be limited and entry will be on a first come basis with a reservelist. The format is the same this year with each band being asked to play amarch, hymn tune and test piece. The contest is an open contest but awards willbe made for best 4th, 3rd 2nd and 1st section bands. There is also best sectionas well as individual soloist awards. The contest will be closed adjudication,but as we have done in the past 3 years the soloist and best section (basses, perc etc) awards wewill invite an up and coming young adjudicator in order to give them valuablereal life adjudication experience.

    Schedules will be out very soon to Scottish bands but should any band south ofthe border wish to take part please contact myself or visit the FCBA website where you can contact thesecretary for details.

    I look forward to welcoming you all to Fife in September in what is now a unique contest in Scotlanddue to the format.

    Steven Craig

  2. Neillyboy

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    Hi Steven

    Is there space for dumfries to enter this contest? if so can you check to see that Dumfries's entry has been received.

    Thanks in advance.
  3. scraig

    scraig Member


    Entry forms should be with your secretary as the FCBA secretary has just sent them out.

    Look forward to seeing you and your band in Kirkcaldy
  4. ploughboy

    ploughboy Active Member

    Having travelled north last year to enter this contest with Emley, I can recommend this as a great opportunity for a weekend away with your team, Kirkcadly is a compact town with every amenity within walking distance, and the contest itself is very well run, in a lovely theatre style hall. . . :)
  5. lynsey83

    lynsey83 Member

    Can you confirm when invites were sent as we haven't received this? I see the contest is on the September holiday weekend again, I hope that doesn't impact entry levels are there plans for the contest to revert back to October in future? I note this still isn't listed on the SBBA events list either?
  6. johnmartin

    johnmartin Active Member

    Its also Ryder Cup weekend. Not good for those with tickets :(
  7. lynsey83

    lynsey83 Member

    Hi Steven

    I still haven't received an invitation for Shotts?

  8. scraig

    scraig Member

    Lynsey, the original Fife Autumn contest was always heldin September (maybe before your time) so we have only brought it back to itsoriginal month, we also have to balance the date between the Lower SectionNational Finals in September and the National Finals at the Albert Hall in October (which moves weekendsnow and again) and we also have to take what is available from the Adam SmithCentre at this time of year, even although the Fife secretary booked the hallin 2013 for 2014. This contest is unique in its format in Scotland and as such does attracta good attendance so we are confident the date won’t affect numbers to much andwill look forward to seeing your band there on the day.
  9. smaca

    smaca Active Member

    Good day, thanks to all the organisers in running this event.

    Listened to all 17 bands play March, Hymn and Test Piece. All 5 sections represented, so varied choices of music to align with the sections, which made the day most enjoyable. Some real encouraging sounds to be heard, particularly from some bands in the lower sections and who are without doubt, on their way up. Once again and same for last 100 years or so, the loud stuff can sound impressive, but the real test is the exposed and quite passages where tuning, intonation, and playing together is the challenge.....but everyone gave in their best shot, so what more can anyone ask.(I think more entries into solo and quartette contests may help with this)

    Well done to all bands and individuals who were awarded prizes and trophies for their efforts. Thanks to all.
  10. AlanD

    AlanD Member


    1 Bo'ness & Carriden (C. Farren) 195
    2 Kingdom Brass (D. McLeod) 194
    3 Bon Accord (S. Malcolm) 193
    4 Newmilns & Galston (A. Cameron) 192
    5 Lochgelly (K. Letham) 191
    6 Tullis Russell Mills (P. Drury) 190
    7 City of Discovery (E. Tonner) 189
    8 Coalburn Silver (G. Bowman) 188
    9 Arbroath Instrumental (M. Robertson) 187
    10 Newtongrange (R. Brotherston) 186
    11 Broxburn & Livingston (P. Stone) 185
    12 Whitburn Heartlands (R. Fraser) 184
    13 Barrhead Burgh (B. Keachie) 183
    14 Tullis Russell Intermediate (S. Craig) 182
    15 Irvine & Dreghorn (J. Boax) 181
    16 Campbeltown Brass (G. Evans) 180
    17 Dumfries Town (N. McDonald) 179

    Winning Conductor - Charlie Farren

    Best Fife 'A' Band - Kingdom Brass
    Best Fife 'B' Band - Tullis Russell Intermediate

    Best 1st Section - Bo'ness & Carriden
    Best 2nd Section - Tullis Russell Mills
    Best 3rd Section - Barrhead Burgh
    Best 4th Section - Whitburn Heartlands

    Best Cornet - Soprano, Newmilns & Galston
    Best Horn/Flugel - Horn, Kingdom Brass
    Best Euphonium/Baritone - Euphonium, Bon Accord
    Best Trombone - Trombone, Kingdom Brass
    Best Basses - Tullis Russell
    Best Percussion - Bo'ness & Carriden

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