Fife Charities Band Association Contest 28th Sept

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    The FCBA annual contest will be held in the Adam Smith Theatre in Kirkcaldy, Fife on Sat 28th Sept starting at 10.00am. We have 16 bands entered across all 5 sections and the format is one of the last in the country where each band is asked to play a March, Hymn Tune and Test Piece.

    Over 8 hours of music to listen to and 16 different Test Pieces makes the small admission fee worth it alone.

    Will post all the bands shortly and will also put the full result up here as well.
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    Emley are looking forward to our weekend trip north of the border and a fun bit of contesting, any tips for us on the shandy available in the area?
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    Fife is a dry drink for 100 miles radius.
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    I have been searching for this golden nugget of info for weeks haha.
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    Shame the contest is on a main public holiday for us, would have loved to attend but too many players away fr the September weekend
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    May I suggest spoons which is about a 5 minute walk from the venue. But don't drink too much, the hill back up is a killer!
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    It's a shame some of the regular attenders can't attend cause of this date change, hopefully shotts will be back next year Lynsey.
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    Hi All

    As Chairman of the Fife Charities Band Association I have read the comments and will take these on board, the date was changed this year to bring it back to its original month of Sept as it was felt the Fife School holidays were not until Oct and we didn't expect the new date to cause any real problems, but it would seem this new date has so we will look at this before setting a date for next year (2014)

    As promised below is a list of the bands taking part.

    Bo'ness & Carriden Band
    Bon Accord
    Broxburn & Livingston
    Clackmannan District
    Coalburn Silver
    Dumfries Town Band
    Emley Brass
    Kingdom Brass
    Newmilns & Galston
    Renfrew Burgh Band
    Tullis Russell Intermediate Band
    Tullis Russell Mills Band

    We have had 3 bands which have had to withdraw but still have a great line up offering some fantastic music throughout the day
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    See you at the bar Mr Craig :)
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    Listened to all bands today, never heard full results as left after last band played.

    Very enjoybale and well done to alll bands. I sensed a few were under-rehearsed on this occassion, with a few wrong entries and some confused looks on faces trying to find out where they were :)...perhaps a bit of "" in getting guests in with some bands? Great selection of pieces, and loved listening to them. Highlights for me;

    1. Owen Downs on Sop with Clack.....Owen had a super day, and to deliver on pieces like Paganini for over 30 years now says so much for the guy.
    2. Tullis choice of March and Hymn.....had never heard them before, so very refreshing, and very well played.....produced lovely sounds, and way beyond their current 2nd section status
    3. Dumfries performance....never heard them before, but for their current ranking, a very mature performance, and looked as if they enjoyed it( is that not what its all about!)
    4. Lynda Nicholson conducting......what a stylish condcutor, and you just knew what she wanted from the band with every notch conducting.
    5. The facilities and organisation, looked to be all well controlled.

    Thanks all.
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    Thanks for the Dumfries feedback, I have been at the helm of the band for 5 months and initially when I pulled out labour and love I wasn't sure, the band came off stage today with a real buzz and have had a great day out and a decent crit. A really enjoyable first outing with them.
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    Open Contest

    1st Kingdom Brass
    2nd Clackmannan
    3rd Boness & Carriden
    4th Bon Accord
    5th Dalmelington
    6th Lochgelly
    7th Tullis Russell Mills
    8th Coalburn
    9th Newmilns & Galston
    10th Broxburn & Livingston
    11th Emley Brass
    12th Renfrew Burgh
    13th Tullis Russell Intermediate
    14th Dumfries Town

    Best 1st section Bon Accord
    Best 2nd section Tullis Russell Mills
    Best 3rd section Renfrew
    Best 4th section Tullis Russell Intermediate

    Hymn Tune Winners Clackmannan
    March Winners Kingdom Brass

    Best Fife A Band Kingdom Brass
    Best Fife B Band Tullis Russell Intermediate
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    Another good and enjoyable day at the Fife contest. Always good to catch up with people, and the format works well. Supremely well run as well.

    Was also great to see Emley taking the time and effort to attend the contest - playing one of my all time favourites (Chivalry) too!
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    Dave, Newmilns played English Heritage, Renfrew played the Cossack and Goff Richards' Nottingham. Bo'ness & Carriden for their hymn played an arrangment of Psalm 130 (I think?) by our very own Tom Donaldson (aka Brassneck!)
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    Thanks Paul - but I meant that we have march/hymn for only those two bands, not that we were missing only those two! If you have the rest and the inclination to type them out, I'll add them...

    Also, looking at the 2012 results, I see that there were separate points for both march and hymn. If anyone has those (or parts thereof), we could upload them too.
  18. Gorgie boy

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    here goes -

    Coalburn - Bramwym (not sure of spelling)
    bon Accord - Bramwym, Crimond (Peter GRaham)
    clackmannan - Stars & Stripes, In Perfect Peace
    Dalmellington - Knight Templar,Deep Harmony
    Newmilns - can't remember (how terrible is that?) - maybe Mid All the Traffic?
    Broxburn/Livi - Glendyme(?),
    Emley - Sons of the Brave, Abide with me (?)
    Tullis Intermediate - Blaze Away, Harton Lea
    Lochgelly - Ravenswood, Light of the World
    Dumfries - Kinneil Colliery (by me), can't remember hymn
    Kingdom - ORB, Mid all the traffic (I think)
    Tullis - Exeter Temple, Breathe on Me (also by me!)

    All I can remember atm sorry!
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    2nd adjudicator doing all the instrumental prizes was Stuart Black, MD of Penicuik Silver
  20. MoominDave

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    Thanks, much obliged. The overall selection of music looks to have been a cracking day out.