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    [TD="colspan: 3"]Taken from Kingdom Brass Forum

    Music Played in Draw order

    Bon Accord Silver (Stephen Malcolm) 1
    Viva Birkenshaw, The Day Thou Gavest, Of Men And Mountains

    Newtongrange Silver (Paul Collis-Smith) CH
    Keighley Moor, Swedish Folk Song, Journey to the Centre of the Earth

    Tullis Russell Intermediate (Steven Craig) 4
    Kenilworth, Ellers, Narnia Suite

    Bon Accord 'B' (Richard Kidd) 4
    Punchinello, There Is A Green Hill Far Away, A British Isles Suite

    Renfrew Burgh (Mark Good) 3
    Viva Birkenshaw, The Day Thou Gavest, Northern Landscapes

    Tullis Russell Mills (Martyn Ramsay) 2
    Arnhem, There Is A Green Hill Far Away, Music for the Common Man

    Kingdom Brass 'B' (Kenneth Blackwood) 4
    The Standard of St. George, Dear Lord and Father of Mankind, A British Isles Suite

    Newmilns & Galston (Alan Cameron) 1
    Bramwyn, The Day Thou Gavest, Trittico

    Kirkintilloch Kelvin Brass (Charles Keenan) CH
    Ravenswood, The Day Thou Gavest, Un Vie De Matelot


    Johnstone (Paul Kiernan) 1
    Punchinello, Nottingham, The Year of the Dragon

    Lochgelly (Allan Ramsay) CH
    Keighley Moor, In Perfect Peace, Chivalry

    Unison Kinneil (Craig Anderson) 1
    Ravenswood, In Perfect Peace, Dances & Arias

    Irvine & Dreghorn (John Boax) 2
    Punchinello, Deep Harmony, Oceans

    Annan Town (Magnox Ltd) (David Shanks) 2
    The Great Little Army, Angel Voices, Capriccio

    Kingdom Brass 'A' (Bede Williams) CH
    The Australasian, Now Thank We All Our God, Music of the Spheres

    Dysart Colliery (Bruce Fraser) 4
    Star Lake, Stella, Saint Saens Variations

    Broxburn & Livingston (Charlie Farren) CH
    New Colonial, In Perfect Peace, The Essence of Time

    City of Discovery (Bruce Wallace) 1
    The Champions, Reflections in Nature, Mountain Views
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