FIFA's bad calls

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    I admit that I have not caught every match, so if I am missing a call please add it to the list, but I really thing FIFA should make two changes to it's rules...
    1) A referee must explain all of his calls
    2) Replay should be least for World Cup and Champions league-where each individual match means so much. Also, one could easily require WC and CL stadiums to have appropriate cameras (like they are now requiring financial solvency)

    USA v. Slovenia...goal disallowed. Referee couldn't explain why and was never forced to.
    USA v. Algeria...goal disallowed. Offsides? No.
    Mexico v. Argentina...goal given to Argentina even though clearly offsides.
    England v. Germany...goal disallowed even though clearly over line.
    England v. Germany...offsides not called on run up to goal, even though off by about 4 yards. [​IMG]

    Are there any others I'm missing?
    Due to the format, when teams get behind by a bogus goal, they are forced to press, which makes them susceptible to the counter. Really not right for what should be a world class contest.
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    Absolutely nothing wrong with the goal in the picture you posted - the ball went right and the player who was in an offside position never came near the ball, and therefore did not interfere with play.

    As for lampard's goal, there was nothing wrong with that either, as it clearly didn't cross the line:


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    Sepp Blatter won't introduce goal line technology beacuse he says it would need to be the same for all levels of the game, yet cricket manages it at the highest level despite lower level club teams not having access (for obvious reasons)

    Mr Blatter you are talking through your Vuvuzuela...

    Where we have TV replays, let's use them, but wisely.

    If refs had to refer to replays as often as cricket umpires do then it would disrupt the flow of the game so let's have a 'One strike and you're out' referal system where the team manager can (immediately) ask the 4th official to review a TV replay. If the manager was right to challenge the decision he's aloud to challenge again later in the game, but if the ref got it right then the manager loses any further challenging rights.

    Let's take the England/Germany game as an example. Capello asks the 4th official to review the TV replay for the Lampard goal, the goal is given so Capello can (if he wishes) challenge another decision later in the game. 2nd half, he challenges the goal where Ozil (I think) was stood in an offside position, this one is overuled as the player wasn't interfering with play, Capello then loses his right to challenge any more decisions in the match.

    It would stop all this 'surrounding the ref' business as a team would have to be pretty sure before telling their manager to ask for a referal.
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    I might get some comments saying but....

    I completely blame FIFA for England coming home from the World Cup!! and I agree with Paddy's comments and have some my own.

    The area behind the goal line could be made of the sand or the material they use for check the footing on long-jump and triple jump.

    FIFA could employ ref's from countries where the game is fastest and played at a higher level.

    I could go on but I shalln't

    Capello should stay and be given the time with the players to train and play together more. Meeting as a team a few days before a match isn't good enough.

    A final note, FIFA have said that they willnot introduce cameras due to the cost. Paddy's comment above is fair, but lets be honest the World Cup is played ever 4 years in a country and at venues that FIFA have known for well atleast 4 years so why can't they introduce it? Most of the venues are built purely to host the World Cup so get them to fit the cameras.

    The French shouldn't have been there our neighbours should had and looking at the performance that France put on perhaps FIFA are thinking it was a bad idea not to let them have replay.

    Moan over on here but its going to take me a month to get over this!!!

    Sorry for any poor spelling, grammer etc
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    Rugby manages to use it without much fuss too. And it isn't available to lower levels either.

    Cappello should go. Anyone that takes off Defoe and puts on Heskey, when we desperately need to score is unhinged. Rooney was a waste of space, so Crouch should have partnered Defoe, at least they are used to playing together.
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    Personally, I don't blame FIFA for the exit from the World Cup. England have been poor throughout, and one disallowed goal doesn't get away from the fact that this squad failed to live up to it's hype.

    However, Blatter's one man mission is making football a laughing stock. Can anyone else think of a major sport which now doesn't use some form of video technology? Hopefully he will step down shortly and maybe we can have some sensible dialogue about goal-line replays.

    As for England, there have been too many egos getting in the way, and I have to take serious issue with Andy Gray who seems to think that the role of a National team manager is to comfort players. These players should be playing with pride and passion. They are the cream of the country's footballing crop. Instead, we see a bunch of pathetic whingers, who are more concerned that they may crack a nail rather thaan winning the biggest prize in football

    Capello should do the decent thing and offer to resign. As the saying goes, the buck stops here. However, at the same time, the FA Management team should go. They have overseen underperformance after underperformance and, as Terry Butcher rightly points out, if th FA were a listed company, the shareholders would be looking at them. As for whichever idiot gave Capello and extended contract before the tournament started, well done.

    The England players en masse need to be advised that they have to play there way back into consideration. The sulking that we have seen reminded me of little schoolboys. Some players shouldn't be seen in an England shirt again: Upson, Carragher, Johnson, Lampard, Heskey and Milner. If they are the best that England can muster......

    England, Italy and France no longer deserve to call themselves first-world football teams. Going out earlier than expected isn't a disgrace. The disgrace is the manner in which they all did it.
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    I think American football managers have a flag they throw on the field with a similar policy. Of course, it's much easier in that game with all the stoppages in play.

    However, cricket, tennis, NBA, NHL, and baseball all have forms of replay at the highest level. The justification being the pace of the game at the highest level is more than even the best referees can manage, whilst at the lower levels the pace is slower and refs can keep up.

    As for the offsides, I think it is a judgement call and not a clear call. However, I would argue that even though the ball was played on the far side, because the near side player kept moving forward (albeit a bit slower) he posed a threat thus demanding some attention from a defender and the goal keeper. Had he turned and headed back up field it definitely would not have been offsides.
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    Yes I think we should have video technology in football.
    However if it was to go ahead. A terrible thing would happen.... Blokes would havve nothing to talk to there mates about at the pub, so we should really leave it as it is
  10. DublinBass

    DublinBass Supporting Member the Dutch beat Brasil....However...had the first non-goal (which WAS offsides) been given to Brasil and they were up 2-0 at the half, do you think the result would have been the same?

    I'm not sayin' Germany's 4-1 win was due to refs, but I'm just sayin'