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    Any other brass banders out there with Fibromyalgia? I started with it in August 2010 after a car accident and am now finding it seriously limits my life but am trying to carry on banding for as long as possible but it sometimes causes me intense pain, would love to know if there is anyone else out there who suffers and how you cope with it!


  2. YorkshireBand

    YorkshireBand Member

    HI There
    I've been a sufferer (along with Arthritis, Spondylosis etc) for about 6 years. Its a real nuisance and the only way I find around it is to do what I can within the limits it allows and then be prepared to suffer for a few days afterwards. Banding however is important enough to me to have it like that.
    I feel for you being diagnosed with it and I'll see what I can suggest later when I have more time
    Take Care
  3. horn1

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    Lees, Oldham
    I was diagnosed with M.E. and fibro about 3 years ago. At first I managed to keep up with band mainly because I wasn't working and band was my only chance to get out of the house. I did struggle massively with brain fog and that made playing difficult, it was incredibly frustrating as a music teacher to suddenly feel that reading music was like reading japanese. I find that many of my symptoms are made worse by stress and this has made contesting very difficult for me, 2 weeks of intensive rehearsals before a contest is enough to send me into a flare up. Unfortunately that means time off work and that is risky with my sick record. As for the pain side of things I used to take pain killers before and after rehearsal especially if we were rehearsing a test piece but that isn't ideal. I'm not currently playing for a band mainly because I've found I can't keep up with the schedule of a contesting band and I don't like letting a band down by missing rehearsals. I miss it massively but hope I'll get back to it one day.
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    A fellow bander of mine has this and really struggles with marching :( tis a shame 'cause she's a belter!
  5. marksmith

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    Hi Claire.
    Like yourself and the other sufferers, I have this condition.
    I have had to take premature retirement from teaching, as well as finding regular banding a challenge.
    I feel a little frustrated with the illness, daily routines being 'hit and miss'.
    I have tried physio, injections, pain killers (as well as regular visits to a pain clinic), but nothing totally relieves the symptoms.
    The illness itself seems to dictate the amount that you can do, as well as how much pain/discomfort you have as a consequence.
    Not knowing how you will be from day to day, is also very difficult to manage as an individual, and for those around you.
    Like others, I also suffer with Arthritis, this is quite often the case.
    You will eventually find a routine that suits you, though forward planning can be difficult, and sympathy/empathy not always forth-coming!
    As long as you pace yourself, acknowledge that you sometimes need to leave things until later, you will find the routine that allows you to band and lead a reasonable life.
    Best wishes.
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