Female brass band musicians get together with Oxfam

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    A group of female brass band musicians will get together and perform in Huddersfield next week to spearhead an international fundraising campaign for Oxfam.
    The short musical performance, which is taking place in St. George’s Square in Huddersfield on Wednesday 18 January at 11am, aims to encourage brass band musicians across the UK to get together and raise funds for Oxfam’s work with women around the world.
    Tabby Clegg, a well-known female brass musician and conductor and co-Director of Mode For, said: “Music is a very powerful way of communicating. I know women who play brass instruments would love to support it, and would make a great ‘face’ for the campaign. I am delighted that Mode for can work with Oxfam to both generate funds for Oxfam and to raise the profile of brass bands on an international platform.”
    Oxfam is encouraging women- but also men- to “Get Together” during the week of International Women’s’ Day, celebrate women and raise money for women’s projects worldwide. Anyone can organise their own mini fundraising event at home, at work, with friends and in their community. Funds raised will go to support mothers in poor countries who are trying to get themselves out of poverty by setting up a cooperative, or their own business.
    Tabby added: “It is fantastic that brass bands have been chosen as the face of this international campaign which is such a positive thing for bands. We are appealing to every single brass band in the country to raise money for Oxfam’s Get Together campaign; they can give a little every time they gather to rehearse during the week of International Women’s Day or they can even organise an event if they prefer. We will be setting up a fundraising page for people to donate funds to in the next few weeks.”
    Heather Walkington, Fundraising Manager for the North of England, said: “It is amazing to see what a group of women can achieve when they get together. From a donation during a rehearsal, to a brass band mini concert- you can shape your Get Together event in any way you want and help other women around the world”.
    Tabby concluded: “If anyone wants to join us playing in Huddersfield on Wednesday 18 January to launch this fantastic event then we would love to see you. Contact Mode for at info@modefor.co.uk or on 07901672598 for further details.
    Further information can be found at www.oxfam.org.uk/womensday
    Note to Editors:
    Please feel free to send a member of your organisation to the event on Wednesday 18 January in St. George’s Square, Huddersfield at 11am.
    For further press details please contact 07901672598 or e-mail info@modefor.co.uk