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    Feeling Good is the new CD from Jackfield Band. It is the bands 4th CD and offers 15 tracks of regular concert favourites from their 2011 concert repotoire. Also featured is the bands winning performance of Trittico at the Leicester Brass Band Contest in November 2010 and a live recording of the fast and furious Xylophone Solo Helter Skelter recorded at a joint concert with the Fron Choir and featuring Ollie James.

    Cost including P&P within the UK is £11:00 and can be ordered by PM or contacting band secretary Darrin Smith 07532168693 -

    Recorded and mastered by Chorum Records - www.chorum.co.uk


    Tracks: -

    Fanfare for a New Age
    Feeling Good - Soloist Simon Holland Trombone
    The Circle of Life
    Honey Pie
    Carrickfrgus - Soloist Nic Aulton Baritone
    Scarborough Fair
    An American Trilogy
    Teddy Bears Picnic - Soloist Bryan Adams Eb BAss
    The Gael
    Deep Harmony
    Amazonia - Windows of the World
    Rainforest - Soloist Emma Hocknell Horn - Windows of the World
    Drums of Thunder - Windows of the World
    - Bonus Live Tracks
    Helter Skelter - Soloist Ollie James Xylophone
    Trittico - Winning performance 2010 Leicestershire Contest
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    Come on people...it's a really good CD - ok, so I'm biased, but it IS! :)
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    .....My favourite is still Mr Hollands Solo.....