Favourite Whit Friday Marches

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Aaron, May 4, 2005.

  1. Aaron

    Aaron Member

    Yes Boys & Girls, that time is once again nearly upon us, & raises the same question each & every year so lets here some of your fave's

    Mine are (in no particular order)
    - Knight Templar
    - Viva Berkinshaw
    - Mephistopheles
    - The Wizard
  2. Crazysop

    Crazysop Member

    Not sure if this thread has been done before but
    My faves are (purely and simply because I can play these!):

    Most detested whit Friday March ever Burn it Burn It ( Because I cant play it for love nor money)
    Underhill House
  3. btrommatt

    btrommatt Member

    Thinking about it my favourites have got to be:

    The President

    Does anyone have any favourites to march down the streets to on Whit Friday Marches?
  4. sterlingsop

    sterlingsop Member

    My faves are ORB, Ravenswood, Honest Toil and Raby to listen to or play. Hate listening to the Cossack but LOVE playing the sop part, and absolutely loathe to blumming smithereens Knight Templar.

    Fave street march anyone? I love marching down to Death or Glory and Army of the Nile.

    Can't wait for Whit Friday - woohooooooo!!!!!!!!!
  5. lottie4744

    lottie4744 Member

    Gotta be:

    The Contestor
    Old Comrades
  6. peatair

    peatair Member

    Whit Friday would not be the same without Ravenswood, The Contester, Mephi and Knight Templar. I also like ORB, The Senator and The President. For just marching up there are so many to choose from: Death or Glory, The Army of the Nile (the trio is usually enough) and even Westward Ho and Slaidburn. Whit Friday is, for me, all about having a good night out with the super atmosphere and music. Of course, for some, it's all about "pot hunting."
  7. sevenhelz

    sevenhelz Active Member

    we're thinking about marching up to Amarillo ;)
  8. iancwilx

    iancwilx Well-Known Member

    For the Whit Friday Street March, being a Bass Player, I used to love "Standard of St. George"
    Being an old ex Imp, of course it's got to be "Mephi" on the stand, but I do like most of those mentioned with "The Wizard" being a favourite.
    They're all good to play, but no one has mentioned "Bramwyn" or "Glemdene" by John Carr.
    "Knight Templar"
    All crackers !!
    I would mention that, as a Bass Player, "Army of the Nile" is a fabulous March but difficult to play accurately on the hoof without knocking your teeth out !!
  9. lynchie

    lynchie Active Member

    I'd love to be playing "The Mouthpiece" this year, but I also like the contestor and Knight Templar... think there's going to be a few playing amarillo this year, but the uni band's gone for something a bit different i think...
  10. JDH

    JDH Member

    Definately Mephistopheles is my favourite, although I like several others very much.
  11. Aaron

    Aaron Member

    I would have to agree with Death or Glory & Army of the Nile down the Street, we use Army of the Nile as its just a simple jolly little number!!
    However, since coming across it recently, I have now pledged my favourite street march allegiance to The Balerina (Although if anyone can get hold of Amarillo, as a band played it at Boarshurst March Contest, that would have to top the lot!!)

  12. T Bone Funky

    T Bone Funky New Member

    It's that time of the year again, so thought I'd resurrect this one (over 10 years from the last post!!).

    Ravenswood and Knight Templar are my favorites for the contest march.

    For the street, Army of the Nile and Death or Glory are two of my favorites, and I do love the old classic Slaidburn too!

    Looking forward to this year's Whit marches!

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