Favourite Overture "Arranged" For Brass Band?

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by brassneck, Sep 21, 2004.

  1. brassneck

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    With Howard Lorriman's version of 'Rienzi' now selected for the Areas, I took time out to listen to arrangements/transcriptions of various orchestral overtures. These included many gems from the past and an array of titles which have been recently added to publishers' collections. One really stuck out as being 'fresh' and so well written for bands of any era. The overture was Edrich Siebert's 'The Accursed Huntsman' (Cesar Frank). [I only have brass band recordings of Sun Life and Fodens playing this.] Last contest I could find it being used was the 1999 Northern Ireland Championships.
    Close to that was Geoffrey Brand's version of Dvorak's 'Carnival Overture'. Again, superbly written and would test today's top bands. Have you any favourite orchestral overture that has been written for band and what are your reasons for liking it so much?
  2. Gorgie boy

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    Love 'The Corsair'. Can't play it though!

    Also love 'Le Roi D'Ys' and 'Le Carnival Romain'.

    All these overtures seem to work pretty well for the brass band medium.

    Another overture which I love is 'Alassio (In the South)' by Edward Elgar. Don't know if it has ever been transcribed for band.

    The story goes that whenever there was a premiere of a Mozart opera, wolfgang would rush home straight after the performance and arrange the overture for brass band, before someone did it badly......................

    Paul Drury
  3. Gorgie boy

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    After saying all that though, would much much rather play something that was written specifically for our medium.
  4. nickjones

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    Carnival Overture is Brilliant.
    Waverley Overture arr Snell is another monster
    saying that I really enjoy "Candide" arr Snell
  5. Dave Payn

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    I could start a thread on what is the worst overture arrangement....... ;-)

    All the same, odd choice perhaps to some, but one I enjoy conducting and playing, and the audiences love hearing is Poet and Peasant, J Ord Hume arrangement, I believe.
  6. noddy

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    Has to be the Corsair - great piece of music!!
  7. Mrs Womble

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    I few years back I went on tour with Ratby Band to Holland and Germany. the first concert we did was in a small village in Holland in their town square. The last thing we played was 1812 and there was a male voice choir behind us singing, plus cannons and fire works going off it was brilliant!!!

    So 1812 is my favourite Overture!
  8. impycornet

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    Silken Ladder
  9. johnflugel

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    Love Carnival Overture, Force of Destiny, L Roi D'ys and Candide I think the arrangement of Carnival Romain is so exciting to listen to....
  10. nickjones

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    It's a pig to play " Carnival Romaine" I suppose putting the famous cor anglais solo on Euph seemed a good idea at the time...
    All the Frank Wright Arrangements are really well crafted , Benvenuto Celini / Judges of the secret court are Massive undertakings and work well
  11. ian perks

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    Benvenuto Cellini -Either Arrangement does not matter which one but i do slighty prefer NEW ARRANGEMENT and CORY BAND give a fine rendition of it.
    By the way my CAT is named after the composer BERLIOZ but IT Is A FEMALE.:)