Favourite cornet solos/ concertos

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  1. wm928

    wm928 New Member

    I need ideas for a cornet solo to do with a band and i thoughts i might aswell see what everyone else like doing.
  2. jockinafrock

    jockinafrock Active Member

    Hello young man!
    What a shame no-one has replied yet! What kinda thing do you like, and what standard are you?
    'Share My Yoke' is a real teal jerker when young'uns play it - but only if you have a nice round sound, mind.
    'Sugar Blues' is a cracker too.
    Listen to some CDs - McCann, Webster, Morrison and the likes all play a variety of solos. Pick one you like, there's nothing worse than having to play one you don't like, and practice like mad! :D
  3. gerry

    gerry Supporting Member

    Cornet solo's

    Here are some "fresh" ones:

    www.lake-music.com in the "Solo"-section
    mp3 extracts available on the site

    A Song To Swing - Martyn Thomas
    To The Max! - Terry Camsey
    Fantasia - Ray Bowes
    Introduction To Polovtsian Dances - Borodin arr. Wainwright
    as performed by David Daws
    Also available:
    Concert Etude - Goedicke, arr. Rieks van der Velde

  4. Masterblaster jnr

    Masterblaster jnr Active Member

    What about the Aruntunian thing what richard did on the easter course???
  5. herbert clarke

    herbert clarke New Member

    concorde ( newsome ) very satisfing to play
  6. shric debar

    shric debar New Member

    damn somebody suggested concorde before me. anyway it's very nice to play. so good. though if i may reccomend something. play it on a trumpet it sounds so much nicer without the excess vibrato of playing a cornet. plus then you can play the jazz section properly.
  7. repiano83

    repiano83 New Member

    Philip Sparkes Manhattan is great to play. Or if you like something a bit different try a cornet solo by Eddy Debbons (they are difficult, but great to practise and listen to).
  8. Here are two stunning cornet solos that Kirsty Abbotts recorded for her solo CD "Soliloquy"...

    A New Dimension
    By Joy Webb

    Arranged especially for Kirsty Abbotts’ solo CD by Stephen Hague, this gem of a piece comes from the salvation army composer Joy Webb (composer of the well known cornet solo “Share My Yoke”). A New Dimension incorporates the same simplicity, lush harmonies and a gorgeous tune as was done in “Share My Yoke”. A perfect addition to any bands library and soloists repertoire.


    Full score & parts: £16.95
    Direct Link - http://www.penninemusic.com/show_sco...d=88&tf=N5.rtf

    Home Away From Home
    By Phil Coulter

    This gorgeous melody has been made famous by the virtuoso flautist James Galway, popularised on Classic FM and now arranged for brass band with a solo cornet taking the starring role. A perfect concert item, such a simple melody, but heart warming and playable by most bands.


    Sale Price: £17.95

    Direct Link - http://www.penninemusic.com/show_sco...d=46&tf=H5.rtf

    For more details on these pieces and to see/hear these new releases as well as the rest of our catalogue, please visit our web-site at http://www.penninemusic.com where you can order online or e-mail to sales@penninemusic.com or ring 0785 251 9763
  9. SallyArmyBando

    SallyArmyBando New Member

    I know it's very late notice.. But maybe you should try a Duet? or even a Sop Solo.
    High Fidelity is a good one. And deliverance.
  10. Vegasbound

    Vegasbound Active Member

    Aratunian Concerto......play slow movement on Flugel alla Arturo sandoval
  11. sjs

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