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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by 1alexm, Jan 10, 2006.

  1. 1alexm

    1alexm Member

    (hope this has not been mentioned before)
    after seeing the "yop" advert back on tv it made me wonder -
    whats your favorite advert (past and present)
  2. DaveR

    DaveR Active Member

    My favourites at the moment are the Vauxhall ads with the kids acting like adults - class!
  3. TheMusicMan

    TheMusicMan tMP Founder Staff Member

    Present: has to be the classic 'Clever / Dumb Balance' ads re a certain credit card.

    Previous: 'It's for me and my dawg" - the kia-ora advert I only ever saw in a cinema.
  4. HBB

    HBB Active Member

    I like the woman's tantrum at the supermarket for Vicks's First Defence!
  5. This HAS been done before, yonks ago... but I'll say the same again cos it's a cool thread.

    The rolo advert from a while back.

    Little boy in 1960s watches a parade go past, and he waves a rolo in an elephants face... teasing it. Then the advert moves to the present time, and little boy is not so little anymore. Hes watching the same parade, and an elephant goes past and whacks him full belt across the face. "An Elephant Never Forgets" appears on the screen. GENIUS!!

    I also like the one HBB mentioned. That woman havign a paddy - absolute classic. Supermarkets will never be the same again......
  6. Di

    Di Active Member

    Class. .... that was funny. Nice choice! :)
  7. FlugelD

    FlugelD Member

    The Guiness 'reverse evolution' ad.

    Excellent! :clap:
  8. BigHorn

    BigHorn Active Member

    I liked the Guiness Tick follows Tock advert.
    The horses in the waves effect was obviously inspired by the Lord of the Rings and it was actually far superior to the film version.
  9. Kerwintootle

    Kerwintootle Member

    In Kiwiland. One of the most popular adverts is for 'Novus' who fix chipped windscreens. Several burly men in boiler suits sing a very catchy tune with the words ' Show us your crack', Show us your Crack'. :eek:

    I kid you not. Needless to say it's my kids favourite song. :rolleyes: :biggrin:
  10. Steve

    Steve Active Member

    Sheilas Wheels, love it.

    I also like the lastminute.com advert with the old guy saying he would give anything for one minute more. I think he should watch what he says cos has anyone noticed he already appears to have given his right arm!!!! mwahahaha
  11. dyl

    dyl Active Member

    Probably the other way round! The Guinness ad first aired in 1999, whilst it was another two years before Fellowship came to screens.
  12. Cantonian

    Cantonian Active Member

    ditto (although I believe it is Guinness)
  13. Nigel Hall

    Nigel Hall Supporting Member

    Present: The Guinness reverse evolution
    Past: Kia-Ora (Have to agree with John) IT IS too orangey for crows (and I've just been sent an mp3 of it - could be my new ringtone for 2006!)
  14. Aaron

    Aaron Member

    Fave ad Present: the latest Honda advert where the guy switches from various bikes/cars/speedboat & ends up in a hot air balloon..not a bad soundtrack either!

    Fave ad Past:- i think it was late 80s/early 90s, the ad for milk with the 2 young schoolkids coming back from football..."Accrington Stanley, who are they??"

    As a Huddersfield Town fan...we later found out "EXACTLY" who they were :0(
  15. BigHorn

    BigHorn Active Member

    Yes I know. I meant the image was inspired by the book and although the ad came out first they made a far better job of it than the film did years later.
  16. i quite like the sheilas wheels one too but its getting quite sad that i know the words!! but i think we're all forgetting the ULTIMATE advert!! - the coca cola christmas advert is surely the best!!!!
  17. persins

    persins Member

    I have just seen the advert for the brand new Honda Civic. It has a choir performing the soundtrack of all the sounds that the Civic makes / encounters on a trip! It is fantastically well done.

    Previous one has to be the Yellow pages one where the uncle cuts the hair of his neice and makes a proper hash of it!
  18. Di

    Di Active Member

    I like the one where the Dad is giving the lad a roasting and the little girl asks how the wholes get in the crumpets and the Dad says its little lepricorns jumping up and down with golf shoes. :) That is just soooo the silly things Dads say to little kids. :rolleyes:
  19. HBB

    HBB Active Member

    Yea! shame it's about 5 minutes long! :eek:
  20. yonhee

    yonhee Active Member

    yellow pages adverts are always good. As are the argh cant remember. Hmm I like lots of them, you have to really if you want to watch tv.

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