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    Trom' Player Needed - Farndon Brass Band

    Due to combining of cornet player and trombone player we will soon be hearing the sound of baby brass hybrid so we - the band - are looking for another wonderful trombone player. (Such is life in a very friendly band!)
    If any trombone players out there fancy joining us you will be more than welcome as the bump is getting in the way and certain notes are getting difficult. :p You can get in touch either via tMP or via our band website (Which needs updating Tony! :) ) http://www.farndonband.org.uk/.

    We also need a back row cornet, we are a great bunch with a 50/50 mix between sexes (Go girlies!) and the usual massive age range. So why not come and give us a try?

    Hope to see you sometime.:tup
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    Hi All,
    we are still in need of a trombone player or two and the cornet section could do with strengthening (Due to the dreaded braces on teeth on the Sop' player).

    We are a really friendly gang (honest - I know everybody says that - BUT WE ARE) We have plenty to be going on with and as usual we can provide instruments if needed.

    OH! and a timp/perc' player would be useful - save us borrowing again :oops:

    If you play anything else you will still be welcome to come and have a blow as they say. We meet Thursday nights at Churton Village Hall, Cheshire.

    PM me if you need any further details.
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    Farndon need 1st Trom' for Maternity Cover.

    We are still looking to welcome a stand in Trombone Player due to the safe delivery of mini trom, Rowan, (Well done Janet!!!). We could also do with a regular EEb bass and 3rd Cornet. Any body starting at Chester Uni, West Cheshire college, NEWI, Yale at Wrexham or Reece Heath wanting to have a go are more than welcome and we might be able to provide lifts to practice if needed.
    We meet at Churton Village Hall Near Farndon, in between Chester and Wrexham on Thursday nights from 7.30 until 9.45.

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