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    Not sure if this is posted in the right section so please could a moderator move it if it isn't - thanks. Anyway - down to business! I'm in desperate need of doing some decent playing and nothing is coming my way so - I want to form an ensemble - either a 'bone quintet, or a brass quartet with a view to doing some recitals - with this in mind, i'm of the opinion that a brass quartet would give more scope for a better recital. I'm a bass trombone player so, to form a quartet i would nedd 2 trumpets, and a tenor trombone, or, for a 'bone quintet 3 tenors, and one more bass. I'm in Long Eaton (notts), if any of you are interested please get in touch with me at ninjatrombone@yahoo.co.uk

    I would be looking also for players of a high standard. Thanks, Ben
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    Ben, I live round the corner from you. Give me a buzz. 07787 112198.


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    I thought you'd find this! Haven't you moved yet?