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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by James Yelland, Jan 27, 2004.

  1. James Yelland

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    Hinckley, Leicestershire
    After the RNCM weekend, I got to thinking about my fantasy brass band CDs. Here's a selection:

    1. War and Reconciliation: featuring Robin Holloway's two War Memorial pieces, From Hills and Valleys and Men Marching, with Bram Tovey's Requiem for a Charred Skull.

    2. Brass & Voices CD: with Vinter's The Trumpets and Jo Horovitz's Samson (both still crying out for a digital recording)

    3. A Derek Bourgeois CD featuring his pieces which haven't been recorded yet - Concerto Numbers 1, 2, and the Concerto for Quintet and Band (always thought YBS missed a trick with their recent CD - we've got Blitz and the Concerto Grosso on CD already)

    4. A Shakespeare themed CD: take your pick from Henry V (Vaughan Williams or Maldwyn Price), Caliban (Arthur Butterworth), A Midsummer Nights Dream (Thomas Keighley), Othello (Drake Rimmer), King Lear (Drake Rimmer again), Illustrations (Phyllis Tate), Maquerade (Philip Wilby), Falstaff (Andrew Powell), Midsummer Music (Michael Ball), and many more I have forgotten no doubt.

    Any advances?
  2. ted

    ted Member

    Sydney, Australia
    "Instant Concert"
    A CD with full arrangements of every musical quote found in Instant Concert. (with the final track being Instant Concert of course!)

    "Blank of the Blanks"
    Hymn of the Highlands
    Call of the Cossack
    Cry of the Celts
    Windows of the World
    Best of the Seekers

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