"Fantasy Test Piece"

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Will the Sec, Sep 20, 2005.

  1. Will the Sec

    Will the Sec Active Member

    OK, we've had fave test pieces, courtesy of BreadofHeaven and now "most beautiful" courtesy of Borfeo, so the next step has to be....

    "Fantasy Test Piece"

    State your favourite opening, favourite slow movement, an optional third movement, and a finale.

    I'll start with......

    First Movement Tournament for Brass
    Second Movement Elaine from Tintagel
    Third Movement Notre Dame from Suite Gothique
    Last Movement from the Year of the Dragon.

    (This selection may change as I think about this some more!)

  2. B'aht a band

    B'aht a band Member


    The opening of "Harmony Music"
    The second movement of "Salute To Youth"
    Finally, the ending of "St. Magnus" (just for how well we played it in New Zealand, got to be my favourite test piece EVER) :)

  3. ted

    ted Member

    First movement of Contest Music
    The Refiner's Fire and Nativity from Dove Descending
    Finale from Harrison's Dream (start with the handbells bit)

  4. JR

    JR Member

    Andy - you have taste after all!

    How about (up to date version):

    Opening to "Extreme make-over"
    middle movt of "Montage"
    ending of "Music of the Spheres"

    or (older version):

    Ist Movt "Rhapsody in Brass"
    2nd Movt "Moorside Suite"
    Last Movt "Pageantry"

    john r
  5. Anglo Music Press

    Anglo Music Press Well-Known Member

    1st Mvt - Year of the Dragon

    2nd Mvt - Year of the Dragon

    3rd Mvt - Year of the Dragon

    It's true, I haven't given it a lot of thought!
  6. groovy

    groovy Active Member

    ^ lol

    Opening - "Spectrum"
    Slow Section - "St Magnus"
    Ending - "Concerto Grosso"
  7. B'aht a band

    B'aht a band Member

    John, you know I have good taste, I helped cook the BBQ in the Bay of Islands against the backdrop of scary hotellier!

  8. B'aht a band

    B'aht a band Member

    My word, thats a shock!!!!

  9. Laserbeam bass

    Laserbeam bass Active Member

    1st movement from Boudicca
    2nd Movement from Boudicca
    3rd Movement from Boudicca
    Not sure if there is a fourth but if there is 4th movement from Boudicca

    {Open brotherly **** take mode}

    As Will the Sec is not able to defend himslelf as he is currently in Harrogate, I chose his original work, as I have only seen the score but it appears to be fantasy writing.

    {Close brotherly **** take mode}
  10. matti_raz

    matti_raz Member

    St. Magnus FULL STOP:clap: :clap: :clap:

    Or possibly Night to Sing inbetween Variations 3 and 4(i think- the one that starts with timps anyway) of Magnus- TNtS actually really good! Well done Mr T.;) :rolleyes::clap:

    And then with maybe a spattering of Year of The Dragon just before the final movement of Magnus;)

    Followed immediately by a Resurgam and Journey then Magnus again!!!!!

    Oh this is soooooo hard!!!! :rolleyes:
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  11. ian perks

    ian perks Active Member

    Ok folks here is my fantasy Test Piece.

    1st Movment:1st Movement of Contest Music:)
    2nd Movement:2nd Movement of Downland Suite:sup
    3rd movement:The ending 80 bars of Le Roi d'Ys or From the last section in James Cook Circunnavigator i.e The March-The end:clap:
  12. Vickitorious

    Vickitorious Active Member

    ermm ok ..

    1st movement - the first bit of chaucers.

    2nd movement - 2nd movement from pageantry

    3rd movement - ermm a bit of diversions on a bass theme somewhere :p

    Finale - Wild bears from wand of yth suite.

    Ooh dear!! but wheres.. paganini and jazz and.. ooh theres so many to pick from :(
  13. Di

    Di Active Member

    [open motherly mode]

    Administers motherly slap on the wrist for brother baiting, especially since the poor soul's most likely still driving round in circles on the M25 looking for the right exit to Harrogate. :tongue:

    [close motherly mode]
  14. Will the Sec

    Will the Sec Active Member

    Didn't go on it, Mumsie. Crossed it on the M11, but that was as bad as it got!

    (M11, A14, A1(M) - 3 hours 40 going, 3 hours 50 coming back.)
  15. trumpetmike

    trumpetmike Well-Known Member

    That sounds about right to me (although I would also like to include mvts 1,2 & 3 from Pageantry). For me, the finest part of Year of the Dragon isn't one particular movement, it is the last second of movement 2, leading into the raw power of movement 3 - one movement without the other wouldn't work for me - it has the same magical effect on me as the last few bars of movement 3 leading into the 4th movement from Beethoven Symphony No.5.

    For me, I consider the two pieces I have mentioned to be not just great Test Pieces, but also great pieces of music. If only more of the test pieces had that much music in them, rather than just lots of notes.
  16. Jan H

    Jan H Moderator Staff Member

    This is very difficult! There are so many beautifull movements...
    I guess my current favourites would be something like this: (I'm like slow movements, so I included 2 ;) )

    Intro: Harmony Music
    Slow Movement #1: Year of the Dragon
    Slow Movement #2: Harrison's Dream
    Spectacular ending: Derivations (starting from the hymn tune part) -> most of you won't know this, because it is not a brass band piece. It was our set piece in the Kerkrade contest. I think I could keep on listening to the recording all day...
  17. brassbailey

    brassbailey Member

    ALBION - the whole lot!!
    I'd like to hear any band get their chops around that at any contest.
    Still say Dyke were superb on the day at the Nationals 2001.
  18. BoozyBTrom

    BoozyBTrom Member

    Well this is my choice.

    Opening :- Apocalypse.
    2nd Mvmnt :- Slow Section from Blitz
    3rd Mvmnt :- Allegro From Devil and the deep blue sea.
    Finale :- Eden. ( Absolute class peice cant wait to play it next month )

    Just realized im a bit of a DB freak reading that back.