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    If you could hand-pick players for a brass band, who would you have??
    Let's allow any brass players - Banding, Orchestra, Jazz, etc etc. (alive or otherwise...). Probably best if we avoid lots of "my mate so-and-so who's a great player".

    Here's mine. Yeah, I got a lot of Orchestral guys in there but I just like the way these guys play. If you don't know any of them, Google the names - they're all great!

    Sop. Jens Lindemann

    Principal - Wynton Marsalis
    2nd man - Hakan Hardenberger
    3rd man - Ryan Anthony
    4th man - Matthias Hofs

    Rep. - Adolf Herseth

    2nds - Phil Smith
    - Alison Balsom
    3rds - Ole Edvard Antonsen
    - Sergei Nakariakov

    Flugel - Maurice Murphy

    Solo Horn - Dennis Brain (or Sandy Smith if you MUST have a tenor-horn!)
    1st - Radovan Vlatcovic (or Sheona White)
    2nd - Barry Tuckwell (or Owen Farr)

    1st Baritone - Margie Antrobus
    2nd - Pete Christian

    Solo Trom - Joe Alessi
    2nd - Christian Lindberg
    Bass - Charlie Vernon

    Solo Euph - Dave Thornton
    2nd - Geoff Whitham

    Eb Bass - John Fletcher
    2nd - Pat Sheridan

    Bb Bass - Warren Deck
    2nd - Nat McIntosh

    I'm not qualified to choose percussion...

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    There are some great choices in your lineup (speaking as someone who has recordings by every player from sop down to flugel:biggrin: and has seen many of them live), but I'm not sure I agree with some of the placings.

    Matthias Hofs would be an incredible sop player - his piccolo trumpet playing is about the most sublime you can obtain. Jens is a monster player, but I would probably put him on Bb, possibly as 2nd man, below Philip Smith - there is an orchestral guy who can really play a cornet properly (hearing him do Napoli is something you need to experience).

    It would certainly be an interesting band - whether it would be able to compete with groups such as Dyke etc, I don't know - the problem with every one of these "all star" bands is that you end up with a bunch of principal players and soloists. With a regular band you have the chance to have the best players on each seat - what makes a great 2nd cornet player are not necessarily the same attributes someone would look for in the principal trumpet of a major orchestra, for example, or even for a front row player.

    I have tried to come up with a list myself, but I have encountered a problem - too many people I want to include. I have a few that I know won't be in the cornet section (names withheld), but trying to put the chosen many into some sort of order is almost impossible - maybe I will sort them out one day - does anyone fancy paying me to audition them all?
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    could you not get anybody good?
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    Is anyone!?!?

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