Fanfares Liturgiques - Symphonic Brass (Tijmen Botma)

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    An interesting recording on the Dutch de haske label, which I got from the Midland CD club site. The 'Symphonic Brass' is the continuation of the Nederlands Koperensemble which was founded in 1991 and comprises of brass players who play in Dutch orchestras, and conducted by Tijmen Botma, a professional trumpeter himself.

    The idea of this recording is to present a collection of liturgy based music from the 20th century. It kicks off with the four Fanfares Liturgiques by Henri Tomasi, which are generally very well played but the final Procession du Vendredi Saint is a little too expansive for my tastes and you can sense the trumpeters 'saving themselves' for the final few bars. The same over-expansiveness is also noticeable at the end of the final track, Elgar Howarth's arrangement of The Great Gate of Kiev, and thr phrases are too separated, disturbing the flow of the music. Having said that, the technical ability and the balance of this group is very good, as is (except for one obvious horn call in the 'Procession du Vendredi Saint') the intonation, though the trumpeters in particular are given to occasional forays into vibrato which sometimes works, sometimes doesn't to me. Occasionally the percussion is a little too heavy handed, but otherwise they do a good job in consort with the brass. The recording isn't the best, being somewhat bass heavy, but it's not too bad.

    The others tracks are well worth listening to, notably Fisher Tull's Liturgical Symphony - a three movement work with each movement based on a hymn tune - as well as Jacques Charpentier's Quatuor de Forme Liturgique, a four movement work composed for a quartet of trombones.

    All in all, a good CD, well played, excellent repertoire, just marred a little by over broadended tempi in places.


    1-4 Fanfares Liturgiques (Henri Tomasi)
    5-7 Liturgical Symphony (Fisher Tull)
    8-12 Quatuor de Forme Liturgique (Jacques Charpentier)
    12 Prelude no. 14 (Dmitri Shostakovich arr. W. Schmidt)
    13-14 Baba Yaga and The Great Gate of Kiev (Mussorgsky arr. Elgar Howarth)