Fanfare for a dignified occasion

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  1. Anyone help me find the music for this fanfare by Sir Arthur Bliss. Tried the Boosey rental but they seem to have 'lost' theirs. Please PM if you can help. Thanks
  2. tinytim

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    We have a handwritten copy, but unfortunately the 1st Bb cornet part is missing, so if you manage to get hold of it we'd appreciate an opportunity to complete our set!

    Weston Brass
  3. Pauli Walnuts

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    Speak to Studio Music as they have the B&H Archive reprint facility - I have just requested individual parts for the same fanfare to replace missing parts. It is in a set of fanfares called 6 Brilliant Fanfares - if you speak to Heidi at Studio, she will probably recall being asked for the same thing only yesterday!