Fancy taking your school band to Singapore?

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    Hi TMPers!!

    Some of you may have seen the article on 4barsrest about the opportunity for concert bands to compete in Muse2006 in Singapore next Easter. It seems a wonderful opportunity for concert bands and I personally have been impressed with the organisers vision to attract bands from around the world to their first Festival and having been twice, I can assure you Singapore is a wonderful place and has great resources for the arts.

    Well, having had some interest from brass bands too, I have consulted with the organisers who have agreed to open up Muse2006 to brass bands as well as concert bands.

    The press release is below and if anyone wants more details then just contact me.


    Calling all Concert bands for a bit of Eastern promise!

    There is a unique opportunity afoot for any concert bands to experience the delights of Singapore and participate in the Muse 2006 Festival (Music for everyone) which is planned for 13 – 17 April 2006.
    Muse 2006 is a regional festival for youth concert bands to compete through a series of concerts and fringe events. It is also a platform and opportunity to mingle, interact and share cross-cultural experiences in concert bands with bands from around the world.
    Most importantly, the organizers of Muse 2006 see it as being a good opportunity for school bands in Singapore to benchmark themselves against foreign bands.
    As well as giving youth participants a cultural exchange, Muse 2006 also hopes to act as a showcase for band directors and promote concert band music to the public. It is also hoped that the festival will reinforce Singapore’s positioning as an arts hub.
    The Festival will incorporate performance opportunities for every band as well as a day of competition and recreational activities. The organisers are also busy finding ways of making the cost as reasonable as possible so as to be affordable to bands from every country.
    The criteria for concert bands is as follows. Bands must have a minimum of 30 and maximum of 80 members aged between 12 and 18 years old and the bands must be associated with a school or institution.
    Any bands interested will be asked to take part in a submission procedure which will include submitting an unedited performance piece on CD and completing an application form.
    If any concert bands are interested in finding out more details about Muse 2006 then contact Tabby Clegg at:
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