Fancy Being in a Brass Quintet in the North West??

Discussion in 'Recruitment Corner' started by tubateacher, Aug 20, 2010.

  1. tubateacher

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    Hi my name is Scott a Tuba player brass teacher and conductor living in Runcorn Cheshire. I am looking to set up a brass quintet to play at weddings , dinner nights etc. Ex military ( like myself) would be preffered but not essential. Every job will be payed no freebees here ,I am looking for a

    1 x trumpet / cornet ( at least deploma standard )
    1 x trumpet / cornet ( at least grade 8)
    1 x French Horn ( again grade 8 or above)
    1 x Trombone ( must read bass clef again grade 8 or above)

    please reply on tmp or to
  2. towse1972

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    Why ex miitary? Whats the reasoning behind that?
  3. Splitzer

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    He means that even if they are rubbish players, thats fine as long as they are smart and good at marching.
  4. tubateacher

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    Like i said in the original post , its not essential , and its nothing to do with being smart most if not all military musicians are trained up to deploma standard, and all military brass players will have a wealth of experience playing at dinner nights and in quintets. I am just after experinced players and deps who could just step in and do it either on one rehearsal or on the gig itself.