fancy a week in Malta with Blackpool Brass?

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  1. ohIdoliketobe

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    2 people are urgently required to join the NW area champions (2nd Section) on their trip to Malta music festival this Easter. It is for one week and this very sociable and well-known hell-raising band based in Blackpool would make you more than welcome.

    Would be especially nice if one was a sop player but not essential.

    Further details can be found by talking to the Band's own dizzy blonde, Pauline on 01253 812792.

    If you can't come yourself please let this opportunity be known to those who may be keen or interested about this trip, as we have been badly let down by someone who should have known better and now we are hoping that the banding comunity can help us out of this fix.

    Needless to say, first come (with passport!) first served.

    Stuart Ward (chairman)
    Blackpool Brass
  2. Charmed

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    Except for mentioning the sop, you haven't stated what other instrument you require.

    I hope you manage to find the players you need, it's bad enough being let down for one concert, I can just imagine the work that has gone into organising this tour. It's a shame this isn't happening at the end of April as I will be there for a week then, visiting family.

    Good luck anyway.
  3. HorniKaz

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    Am I right in thinking that the other person needed is a pots & pan hitter????

    Oh & just to add, Blackpool Brass KNOW how to have a good time if Phil (Eb bass) is anything to go by. So you're bound to have a great time.
  4. ohIdoliketobe

    ohIdoliketobe New Member

    Actually, neither of the people need to play any instrument, but they do need to understand banding type characters. It would be nice if there was a sop player out there, and even better if the partner played an instrument too, but not essential. A sense of humour would be a distinct advantage and a capacity to absorb large quantities of local hospitality would also help. Stu (chairman)
  5. BandTaxi

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    Would it be worth asking one of the mods to move this to recruitment thread? You might get a better response.
  6. brassybabe

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    Can we have more details please.
    Would we have to pay? if so how much etc etc....
  7. ohIdoliketobe

    ohIdoliketobe New Member

    The response from the banding fraternity so far has been tremendous, and it is already in recruitment corner....we hope to have the situation resolved this evening.

  8. ohIdoliketobe

    ohIdoliketobe New Member

    I am sorry but to avoid confusion, all details are being provided by Pauline on 01253 812792. The cost is negotiable but there has been a flurry of activity today..... (thanks to everyone!!).... more news asap and we may reveal who dropped us right in it!

  9. ohIdoliketobe

    ohIdoliketobe New Member

    I just wish to say a big "thank you" to all who showed an interest in this week in Malta. Safe to say that as of now, the places have been filled and the drying out clinic places booked for when they return.
    This problem has restored my faith in human nature and in banding people especially.
    As for the one who let us down at the last minute (by a cowardly text) despite obviously being aware that he could not come with us..... the rat will be revealed on our website in the next few days.

    Stu (chairman)