Fancy a trip to Germany?

Discussion in 'Recruitment Corner' started by alexandria, Jun 28, 2005.

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    Any bass troms out there with a bit of spare time and the capacity for large amounts of beer - plus they should be able to play a bit!

    Following their highly successful appearance in the Mellieha
    International Band Festival, Malta earlier this year, Coronation Brass are seeking a Bass Trombone player to complete their line-up for their forthcoming annual trip to the European Folklore Festival, in Bitburg, Germany from 7th - 13th July inclusive.

    As the annual UK representatives, the band performs several light
    concerts at the brewery-sponsored festival over the five-day visit.
    Anyone who can help should contact MD Max Joseph on 07788 856777 or email for information. Further infromation can be found on As always, other players are also welcome".
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    Hi Alex, Long time no see. Hope the tour goes well this year. Have always wanted to go but it's always at the wrong time of year!!!
    See you soon hopefully
  3. alexandria

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    Bitburg Trip - trom needed!!!!

    Hi Lyndon, hope all is well in Manchester.
    Yeah it is a great trip, sorry you've not been able to come on it. The only thing stopping it from being hassle free is this bass trom or tenor trom player we need to find. If you know anyone from up there who is interested let us know....
  4. T-Horn

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    It's all fine here. Just graduated so i actually have to do some work now!!
    I know a few tombone players up here, will mention it to them. Hope alls well!!