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    This is a public service annoucement for the benefit of those tMPers who don't visit any of the other brass forums that exist (the rest of the ones I visit are all talking about this - it seemed only fair to allow you all in on the competition as well:) )

    If you go to the TrumpetMaster website ^ (a site I have no affiliation with, I am just a poster there), you will discover the Eclipse Trumpet Contest. I thought some of you might well fancy the chance of owning a new trumpet/flugel or possibly a cornet (if he ever finishes making them).

    For those of you who have never heard of Eclipse - I suggest you take a visit to and start drooling. They are some of the finest trumpets/flugels in the world and I imagine that the cornet will be just as awesome. Again, I have no affiliation to the company, apart from having played their instruments in the workshop and been seriously impressed (I am currently saving for a flugel).

    The Prize

    1. The winner of the 2005 Eclipse/Trumpetmaster contest will be able to choose any one of our products that we manufacture.


    One of our ML Bb trumpet models (at least 7 bell types to choose from)
    One of 3 bell type flugel horns
    One of 2 bell type C trumpets
    An Equinox trumpet

    We may well have our Eclipse LB Cornet in full production by the time the winner is chosen and picks an instrument, but at this time the above list is valid.

    2. I would also like the winner to choose any finish they like for this instrument (including 24 kt gold)

    3. I have also thought that the winner may well like to choose some custom options!!
    ie :- some fancy bracing here or there or maybe a leadpipe change on the Bb's for more or less resistance?

    This does cause problems though as naturally the winner would not be able to try these out at the workshop during the build process to see if they would like the difference or not, SO I HAVE DECIDED THAT THEY WILL BE AT THE WORKSHOP!

    4. I am flying the winner from wherever they may be in the world to Visit Eclipse in England for one week while we hand build your prize in front of you.
    5.A hotel for a week will be included of course! unless you like the workshop so much that you want to sleep on the workbenches [​IMG]

    6. At least a couple of the days can be spent in London sightseeing if the winner so wishes? (On your own though as i have already seen the big thing with the clock, and that place that lady lives with the nice golden hat! [​IMG] )
    7. On one evening you will have the misfortune of my company when we go into London to see the top London West End Musical "The Producers"

    We are very fortunate to have the lead trumpet player playing Eclipse(Noel Langley), so you will be able to hear for yourself just what the horns can do when a top pro pushes them, and at the same time watch a fantastic show. (ive seen it already its brilliant)

    So that is about it people.

    I will add that if a UK based winner is picked then the air travel is not usually an option, but we will surely find a nice way to get our winner to us.
    The timing of the prize as you can imagine will need to be worked out between Eclipse and the winner to get holidays and our work schedule together at the right times, so the winner may not be here to collect the prize even into the summer but we will try and do the best we can.
    Eclipse are moving workshops soon to a slighty bigger and nicer place and taking on more members of staff to cope with our workload.
    With this in mind we would like to get established in our new workshop before the winner comes over. (this is all understandable i hope)


    The above was taken from the TrumpetMaster site. There are also details of what you need to do:

    Below are 5 tasks. You must pick 2 of the first 4 tasks for your entry.
    Number 5 is mandatory for all entrants.

    This means that if one particular task does not happen to be one of your strong points, then you can avoid it.



    I want unusual photos that include your trumpet, flugel or cornet.

    For instance: a trumpet blindfolded, tied to a stake awaiting the firing squad.
    Your dog playing the Flugel etc etc You get the idea.

    It must be taken by you and be original, pictures taken from the internet will be disqualified.
    You must post this picture on your entry. If you dont have a place to host the picture then i am sure many people will help with that.
    Please note: only one photo in this section

    This photo must be kept and given to me in England should you win.

    2. THE STORY

    I want you to write a story for us, it can be about anything you like!

    Make us Cry, make us laugh, make us think you need a shrink!
    Whatever you want.
    This must be an original story, not taken from any other source other than your own mind or it will be disqualified.
    I want a hand written version brought to me in England should you win.


    I want you to make me a model of a trumpet.(it doesnt have to play)
    It can be any size but made from general things that you can find.
    For example candy tubes, hose etc etc
    You can paint it,spray it,dress it up in any way you want.
    The name it.
    A picture of it must be posted on your entry, again help with hosting the picture should not be too much of a problem.
    No normal trumpet parts may be used!!! but anything else.
    Please note: only one picture of the finished item per entry!!! you can put a link to other pics showing the build process if you wish, but only one finished picture of it on the entry please
    This model should be kept and brought to me in England should you win.


    I want you to write a poem or limerick that is trumpet related in some way.
    Choose a poem OR a limerick, NOT both.
    It can be as long or short as you want.
    Again only original work will be accepted, so only your own thoughts please.
    A hand written copy must be brought to England should you win.

    Okay that's the 4 tasks!

    Remember we only want you to pick 2 of them to do.
    What 2 you pick makes no difference in the judging, we will be judging on merit for each persons entry.

    5. MANDATORY : All entrants must give us a brief reason why they feel that they should win this contest.


    1. No copies of entries once they have been posted.
    2. Only 1 entry per person.Anyone using 2 names will be disqualified.
    3. There is no cash alternative to the flight and hotel if the winner cannot use them.
    4. The judges ruling is final.
    5. Each entrant must have their entry completed in full by the closing date given below. Entries after this date cannot be entered.

    Something else may crop up but that is it for rules at this stage, i'll update as i am made aware of anything.

    A seperate thread will be set up for any questions you may have regarding the contest, and will be answered as soon as possible.

    This is all about having a bit of fun and having a laugh.

    We do not have any fees or charges to enter this contest so it has to be worth a go surely.

    The contest is open as of now so get going!

    CLOSING DATE : 6am UK time 28th March 2005 (plenty of time)


    Even if you don't win, I would suggest looking into the Eclipse flugels, if that is your instrument of choice. They are simply fantastic instruments, beautiful tone and the intonation is spectacular - a flugel that plays in tune above the stave!
    You should also take the chance, if you are able, to go and visit Leigh's workshop - a nicer guy does not exist in the brass world.

    Well, that's my bit for spreading the word of Eclipse. Get your thinking hats on guys and gals - you KNOW you want to have a new toy.

    See you over on TrumpetMaster (as well as here and any other forums you may see me on)


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