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  1. ian perks

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    What is your favorite Famous Sporting quote by a sports person:
    "If you are first you are first.
    If you are second then you are nothing"
    Bill Shankly -Liverpool Football Club Manager
  2. Anno Draconis

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    Brian Clough to a young player after a match: "Oo told you to mark 'im, young man?"
    Player: "no-one, boss, I just thought it needed doing"
    Cloughy: "Well you did a good job, 'cos 'e's a good player and you're not"

    God bless 'ol big'ead.
  3. 2nd man down

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    Kevin Blackwell (Leeds Utd. Manager) Last season

    If they hadn't got those two goals it would have been a draw.

    Yuh-Huuuuuuh!! :rolleyes:

    Jerry Glanville (ex Houston Oilers head coach during a 1988 regular season game remonstrating with an official)

    Hey, hey!! This is the NFL!! That stands for Not For Long when you're making those dumbass calls!"