Famous Australians?

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    As most of you know I'm a trainee primary teacher! I'm on teaching practice at the moment (LAST WEEK THIS WEEK! :D:D:D) with a class of (mostly) lovely year 5's!

    I'm teaching literacy on Wednesday, and I can teach whatever I want so long as links to the classes current topic of Australia.

    They've done so many literacy based things already (guide books, posters, poems etc) that I found it difficult to think of something, but eventually came up with the idea of making factfiles (biography stylee) about famous Australians. (This will use lots of skills like skimming and scanning and obviously reading!) which could then be made into a big book for them to keep!

    But..... I can't think of enough famous Australians! I only have 18 children in my class, so I only really need 9 (going to have 2 children doing the same famous person, so they can help each other!) the ones I've thought of so far are:

    Rolf Harris
    Ian Thorpe (the swimmer with the big feet!)
    Brett Lee (the cricket chap) ... is there a more famous Australian cricket person than him?)
    Kylie Minogue
    Ian Smith (Harold Bishop in neighbours)

    so I need a few more! please don't suggest Dame Edna..... I don't want to have explain her 'background!' :tongue:

    Many thanks
    Teacher Fi xxx
  2. Jan H

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    Mel Gibson
    Cate Blanchett
    Rupert Murdoch

    or try Google ;)
  3. gawber

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    Pat Cash (tennis)
    Evonne Goolagong-Cawley (tennis)
    Cathy Freeman (athelete)
    Shane Warne (more famous than Brett Lee @ cricket?)
    Olivia Newton-John (singer/actress)
    Elle (the body) Macphearson (super model)
    Toni Colette (actress-Muriel's wedding/sixth sense)
  4. meandmycornet

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    ooooh thank you for the ideas! :D good mix aswell! I wanted some sporty ones... particularly cricketers for my boys! Is there any particularly famous Australian rugby players? surely there is?
  5. John Brooks

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    Rod Laver
  6. gawber

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    David Campese is a name that springs to mind
  7. euphfanhan

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    He's retired now, but Elton Flatley was a very famous rugby player! He almost lost us the rugby world cup 3 years ago! :tongue: Think he retired due to vision problems though.
  8. BbBill

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    Crocodile Dundee......!! (aka Paul Hogan!)

    Or the real one, Steve Irwin who sadly died not long ago.

    Mark Webber (F1 driver)

    David King
  9. BigHorn

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    Merv Hughes (excellent moustache)
    Ned Kelly ( outlaw that looked like mick jagger)
    Jake the Peg (Rolf Harris side kick)
    Dame Edna Everidge (Barry Humphries' sister)
  10. tam-tam2

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    Ok, Fi!! Just a thought but if you are going to do this you will need lots of information from a lot of sources on a lot of people to make it work. It does sound a decent lesson in theory but before you commit to doing it make sure it is practical!! If you want any ideas on other things you could do send me a pm and I will assist. Just a thought........good luck with it and I hope it doesn't rain in Minehead tomorrow!!

  11. onebandman

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    Ricky Ponting (cricketer, and in my opinion the best sportsman in the world for at least the last 5/6 years)

    Richie Benaud (former leg-break bowler and now veteran cricket commentator and a true gent)

    Alf out of 'Home and Away' (don't know the actor's name but he's the definitive old-fashioned Aussie!)

    Her out of Emmerdale who also used to be in Home and Away years ago
  12. bigmamabadger

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    Shane Warne (who shares my birthday, same year and everything...)
    Glen McGrath

    Russell Crowe (Gladiator)
    Guy Pearce (um, er, Neighbours, um, Priscilla Queen of the Desert, some other stuff)
    Hugh Jackman (Wolverine in X-Men)
    Hugo Weaving (Elrond in LOTR)
    John Howard (Australian PM who put his arm round the queen...)
  13. Maestro

    Maestro Active Member

    Rex Hunt
  14. tam-tam2

    tam-tam2 Member

    Now that one is very topical at the moment, I didn't know that either. Unfortunately, the children would have been born around the 15th Anniversary of the Falklands War!! They may have watched the 25th celebrations though!!
  15. Maestro

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    Didn't know he had anything to do with the Falklands. I just enjoy his fishing adventures on Sky.
  16. wewizrobbed

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    He was born in New Zealand though.
  17. BigHorn

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    SKIPPY (the bush kangaroo)
  18. bigmamabadger

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    Buggrit! Was he? And I so carefully said to myself "Do not add Sir Edmund Hilary, conqueror (with Tenzing Norgay) of Everest, since he was born in New Zealand, nor Errol Flynn, swashbuckling star of many black and white movies and (if the rumours are true) very popular with the ladies if you get my drift, since he was born in Tasmania" and then I go and make a silly mistake like that.
    Badger hangs head in shame.
  19. Thirteen Ball

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    Mick Doohan - arguably the toughest bike racer who ever lived.

    Famously crashed and broke his ankle chasing a world title, picked his bike up, rode on, crashed and smashed the same ankle again, and still tried to race on.

    in the end he had to have a thumb-lever for a back brake after that in stead of a foot-pedal, but still carried on racing for years and won 5 world titles on one of the most evil bikes ever, the honda NSR500.

    Troy Bayliss, the Reigning world superbike champion, and Karl "Muggers" Muggeridge in the same formula.

    There's also Casey Stoner, who's bashing fairings with Valentino Rossi in this years MotoGP title chase. Along with Chris Vermulen, another Aussie. There would have been a third, in Garry "The Lab Rat" McCoy (So called because of some experimental and frankly barmy riding techniques) except for the collapse of the Ilmor team after two rounds of this season.

    And somebody calles Shane Warne... Who can't be that important... ;)
  20. brassneck

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    Joan Sutherland - the singer