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  1. Hi
    I guest conductored a local village band in rehearsal last week, and one of the Eb bass players had a word with me afterwards, hoping I could offer him some help with his playing. He has false teeth which he finds move about when he plays, causing quite a lot of problems with notes production / articulation.

    He was clearly bothered by the situation, but I had to admit that as my banding and teaching is generally with younger people I had no experience to offer. I was very dissapointed not to be of more help, so thought I'd ask for tips from any tmp'ers out there with expereice of this.

    I think that his teeth are generally OK, this looseness problem appears to be limited to his bass playing and is only with the lower set.

    Don't know if a mouthpiece would have any effect, but he uses a DW3L
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    There was a man I used to know, that used to play with a midlands based band. He said that he used araldite!!
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    I remember working with Alan Street years ago and he used to use two small pieces of wood both shaped like a T. He used to put them in his mouth, on their side, one on each cheek with the top of the T flat against the inside of the cheek and then bite. This stopped the teeth dropping or moving.

    Daft as it sounds it did work. Let us know how you get on.:biggrin:
  4. The best thing is maybe to consult his dentist, there might be possible to make something to prevent this to happen
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    I have false teeth (front, top, middle 3) - fixodent or any other denture fixative does the trick for me.

    I did have to re-fix half way round on whit friday though.
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    The problem with bottom dentures is they fit by just sitting along the ridge of bone of the Mandible but as a person ages and the longer they have dentures the more the mandibular ridge shrinks, making it harder for them to fit. Top dentures if properly fitted are held in place by forming a suction seal between the denture and the arch of the palate. This suction doesn't exist in bottom dentures.

    Often the only thing that helps with lower denture fit is a good cushioning fixative.:D

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