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    ...off the chair drunk.

    oh sorry, wrong thread, thought this was the post contest thread:)

    Actually, I want to ask for advice regarding falling off a note as one is sometimes required to do in jazz numbers.

    We have an arrangement of Sentimental Journey that requires falls but I just cannot do it. Someone demonstrated to me doing it by half depressing 2nd and 3rd valves to fall of a 4th line D, but as soon as I even begin to depress the valves the sound just stops despite me consciously pushing air through the cornet.

    Is it me, the cornet, or something else? Tips would be appreciated!

    Cheers, Greg.
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    Falls are normally achieved as you have been told, by depressing certain valves halfway down, in the same manner that one would do a horse whinny (as in Sleigh Ride). Exactly how far down each valve needs to be depressed is something that will vary from instrument to instrument and you will have to work it out yourself - see what sounds the best for you.
    At first, keeping the air flowing through this will feel very unusual. Persistance will pay off and you will soon be falling with the best of them.

    Another way of falling is to relax your lips, whilst keeping the airflow constant. This will start off as bending the note, then suddenly fall to the next partial (note of the same fingering). As your ability to control the lip muscles increases you will find that you can do all sorts of interesting effects, without the need for half-valving.

    The two techniques sound different and the latter is definitely the harder of the two, but if you are able to make a start on the latter idea, the former frequently becomes easier.

    At least, that has been my experience so far.
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    Thanks for your suggestions Mike.

    There's an absolutely superb (in my opinion) fall, well I suppose it's a gliss really, on Wynton Marsalis' Carnaval album. Would love to be able to do that:)

    I'll keep working at it.

    Cheers, Greg.

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