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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by brassneck, Apr 1, 2005.

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    heheheheheheh! ..... sorry, I can't stop laughing at this one! :woo
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    ... read the statement carefully and the dates given!
  6. James Yelland

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    Sorry - perhaps I didn't make myself clear enough. I spoke on the phone this morning, 4th April, with Andrea Wiseman, who works for the production company RDF. She was at pains to assure me that this IS a genuine request for someone to take part in the programme, and was concerned that some people thought it was a prank - because, obviously, they want to make this programme and need co-operation from a bandsman to do it.

    There is a quaint old custom that April Fool pranks are only allowed before midday on April 1st. After midday, no more pranks are 'allowed' and the perpetrators of any morning pranks come clean about them.

    My advice: don't worry about dissecting the exact wording of the statement, pick up the phone and dial 020 7013 4296, and confirm the facts for yourself. You're almost as bad an old cynic as me!
  7. brassneck

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    We'll agree on that one! ;) My feeling is that it is too easy to set up a prank which has an open telephone number for auditions and advertise it on another site (as it has been shown). The genius of the programme is the surprise of the professionals when they are caught out. Why would the producers give away some sort of clue in the first place? Ideas would be generated from the interests of the people who put their names forward (or for that sake fit their plans). It is a really successful programme and I would have expected that planning would be made well in advance, not just a couple of weeks notice! So that explains my cynicism!

    ... this other link only shows one week to find someone (and shows 04/04/05 start date as well, ruling out 14/04/05).

  8. James Yelland

    James Yelland Active Member

    All very interesting, and I can't answer many of your points (for one thing, I've never actually seen this programme). But I note that you still haven't contacted RDF!

    Ask yourself why a professional media company would perpetrate an elaborate hoax on a low profile group of people (bandsmen) who have never to my knowledge had any previous connection with each other?

    Ask yourself why, when asked 3 days after April 1st, RDF deny that its a prank? That would be a very cruel trick indeed, to perpetuate the hoax over a number of days, in contravention of the usual custom. Not the behaviour of a professional company, in my opinion, and I'm quite sure that RDF are very professional.

    It's a no-brainer really. This is a genuine and sincere attempt to find someone to participate in their tv programme. It isn't really very important and doesn't deserve the time I've given to it on this and another thread, except that there are probably quite a few bandsmen out there who might quite like the idea of appearing in this programme, but who might be discouraged from applying if they thought they might be made to look foolish as the victim of a prank.
  9. brassneck

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    ... I never said that RDF planted the hoax! Anyone could do that. All it takes is a copy of the original .pdf file from them and a little amending to suit. Forwarding that file to other groups is easy to do!

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    Steady on girls
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    Quite right, I think I'll leave it there. I've spoken to RDF. They tell me the request is genuine. I believe them.

    If it isn't true, you can put me in a dress and call me Susan.
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    We could do that anyway, if you ask nicely! :D

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