Faith Restored in the “True Banding Ethos”

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Soil Lover, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. Soil Lover

    Soil Lover Member

    High Peak
    I wish to pass on a sincere big thank you to those in the banding world that have restored my faith in it.

    Last year my wife and I were blessed with the birth of our daughter. However Charlotte was born with a condition called “Scaphocephalyfor which she required corrective but quite major surgery. Basically, she didn’t have a soft spot, and in order to prevent possible pressure being put on her brain and allow her skull to grow properly a soft spot needed to be created by removing parts of her skull.

    We were referred to Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, where she was to have her operation. Following a consultation in February the date of admittance to Alder Hey was scheduled for Monday 10th March; therefore you can imagine there was no way that I could contemplate playing at the area contest the day before.

    I placed and advert on this website stating the facts and that if there was any BBb Bass players out there willing to help to contact either myself or the MD of Stockport Brass (Mike Fowles). I was astounded when we received a number of responses offering help. I wish I could personally thank each individual that did respond and all of the well wishes we also received, however there are too many to mention.

    However, I must thank the gent that stepped into the helm, Mr Ian Hamilton AKA Tubah – a true bandsman, as he committed to undertake the contest and as many rehearsals possible prior. The astounding point being a 2.5 hour journey each way, as he lives on the Scottish borders.

    In summary, Charlotte’s operation was actually brought forward 2 weeks due to a cancellation. She is now on the path to a full recovery and doing extremely well, albeit resembling humpty dumpty’s sister!!

    Finally - my faith in what I consider to be “the true banding ethos” has been fully restored.

    Many thanks Ian and others.:clap:

    Marcus Jones (and Lois & Charlotte)
    AKA – Soil Lover
    BBb Bass Stockport Brass

  2. Will the Sec

    Will the Sec Active Member

    I think that, perhaps, Marcus, you have found the one thing that defines the best of tMP. When it's at its best, tMP is a community that looks after its own.
  3. Jan H

    Jan H Moderator Staff Member

    What a great story, thanks for sharing it with us.
    All the best wishes to your little daughter, good to hear the operation went well!
  4. Hells Bones

    Hells Bones Active Member

    Hear, Hear! Fantastic stuff!
  5. fireborn

    fireborn Member

    Dumbarton, Scotland
    Marcus, I just want to add my best wishes to you and your family and a speedy and FULL recovery for Charlotte. All the best!!!
  6. 2nd man down

    2nd man down Moderator Staff Member

    Thanks for the update and so glad you're little girl is on the mend.

    It's so good to hear the good side in amongst all the usual gripes and complaints (contests etc). Heartwarming stuff. :clap:
  7. Anno Draconis

    Anno Draconis Well-Known Member

    Every now and again I read something on here that really reaffirms my sometimes shaky faith in human nature. Well done that man, and best wishes to Charlotte for a speedy recovery. :clap:
  8. bbg

    bbg Member

    So many of us on here only "know" folks by user names and posts - but as said above such stories affirm one's faith in tMp being a forum that celebrates banding ang friendship. Well done Ian , thanks for sharing a personal story Marcus, and all the best to Charlotte (and Mum and Dad) as she progresses.
  9. Mesmerist

    Mesmerist Well-Known Member

    Shrewsbury, Shropshire
    Lovely story and I am so glad your daughter is on the mend it must have been a very stressful time for your family and friends.
    I have always had faith in the basic kindness of most humans and especially of the brass band world though.
    Best wishes to you and Charlotte`s complete recovery XXX
  10. Euphjam

    Euphjam Member

    Eastriggs nr Annan
    My first post, just wanted to say well done Hammy.

    see you soon. jb
  11. JesTperfect!

    JesTperfect! Member

    What a lovely thread.
    Really puts all this 'adjudicator bashing', 'result whining' etc into perspective, doesn't it?
  12. snazzy_cornet_sound

    snazzy_cornet_sound Member

    I think Tmp is great and has introduced me to new friendly bandsmen, in regards to the recent bashing of Polysteel Band mambers in the recent west of england thread I completly disagree with people saying they think they are gods gift. On saturday aload of Polysteel players came up to me that I didn't know and introduced themselves and who they were on TMP, they all seem like a great bunch and are just as friendly as any other bander! it was a truly buzzing atmosphere in the bar at Torquay! I think the west of England Bands have a great atmosphere and that makes me feel great about banding.

    I think that TMP has a great community to it and is great for brass banding.
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