Fairey announce new associate composer

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  1. Phil De-Zoot

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    Fairey have made a late 2005 over holiday announcement. It seems in the wake of much publicity, the top band, "Fairey" have grabbed their initiative with both hands looking for new directions and tried to preempt, "what might be, the next big thing" After recent glowing text from Elgar Howarth on Blaze & Gregoritas, a rave review of "Liverpool Heritage" premier, and his concerto "BLAZE" with Richard Marshall winning the Solo CD award both in BB & 4bars, and the very soon and awaited premier of "Gregoritas" in Norwich with Yorkshire Co-Op. Phil Lawrence is hot property; and the new forward thinking Fairey band are grabbing him as the journey seems to be one way only; UP!

    Quote below is from the Fairey web site!

    "Phil Lawrence is a very busy and talented musician and the Band are delighted with his association. Phil has composed major works for brass band and has arranged music in a variety of genres and we are looking forward to his works becoming part of our repertoire."
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    congrats Phil!

    Gregoritas is a great piece and a lot of fun to play - it deserves to be performed much more often.
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    It is, as I commented to the man himself recently "...harder than french kissing a cobra..." but certainly a real test for any band and certainly deserves a place alongside more established test-pieces.

    Always good to see bands at the top of the movement looking forward.